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On the Lighter Side: You Might Have Fibromyalgia If…

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Sometimes it’s good to look at the funny side of serious subjects like fibromyaliga symptoms and chronic pain. While fibromyalgia itself is a serious illness, there are certainly some parts we can chuckle at. Our brain fog (AKA fibro-fog) experiences alone could keep an audience laughing.

I used to have a t-shirt that said, “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.” Let’s take a lesson from the angels and take a minute to laugh at ourselves. For example, here are some telltale signs that you might have fibromyalgia.

On the Lighter Side of Fibromyalgia Symptoms

You might have fibromyalgia if…

  • Everything hurts – and what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work.
  • You feel like the morning after but you didn’t have a night before.
  • Your phone’s contact list contains only names ending in M.D.
  • You get confused playing checkers.
  • Your trash goes out more often than you do.
  • You finally have all the answers but you forgot what the questions were.
  • You have to weigh how hungry you are against how much effort it would take to cook and how many dishes it would dirty.
  • You look forward to a dull evening.
  • You get more excited about buying new pajamas than a new outfit.
  • You sit in a rocking chair and can’t get it going.
  • You have to rest halfway through applying lotion to your body.
  • Your brain is like the Bermuda Triangle – information goes in and is never found again.
  • After painting the town red, you have to rest for a week before applying the second coat.
  • You consider a discussion of bowel problems interesting conversation.
  • You know what’s on TV at 3:00 a.m.
  • The hardest decision of your day is whether to shower or eat.
  • Dialing long distance wears you out.
  • You can rise and shine but not at the same time.
  • You stop to think and forget to start again.
  • You get lost driving to and from a place you’ve been to a hundred times before. Or worse, you get lost in the parking lot!
  • You feel hung over in the morning, but you didn’t have a drop of alcohol the night before.
  • You hunt all over your house for your glasses only to find they’ve been on your head all along.
  • You find your phone in the refrigerator with no memory of how it got there to begin with.
  • You’ve forgotten your age and require a calendar or calculator to remember it.
  • You repeat the same story twice, because you’ve forgotten that you already told it once.
  • You find yourself laughing at this list, and now you need to rest.

Between fibromyalgia treatments and dealing with flare-ups, we’ve got a lot to be stressed out about. But let’s try to find some amusement in it all. Can you think of other humorous signs that you might have fibro?

This article was first published on ProHealth.com on February 3, 2015 and was updated on July 27, 2019.

Karen Lee Richards is ProHealth’s Editor-in-Chief. A fibromyalgia patient herself, she co-founded the nonprofit organization now known as the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) in 1997 and served as its vice-president for eight years. She was also the executive editor of Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine. After leaving the NFA, Karen served as the Guide to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the New York Times website About.com, then worked for eight years as the Chronic Pain Health Guide for The HealthCentral Network before coming to ProHealth. To learn more about Karen, see “Meet Karen Lee Richards.”

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102 thoughts on “On the Lighter Side: You Might Have Fibromyalgia If…”

  1. mrsjle says:

    You’ve watched a movie 5 times and still can’t recall two-thirds of it

    1. mrsjle says:

      you think of a great response to this very article but then lose it for you have any chance of putting it down

    2. SiSiRN says:

      Thank you Karen for reminding us that when we see the “light” side of adversity, we grow. To be able to laugh at ourselves means we have reached that level of acceptance that helps us grow in other dimensions.

    3. liebja says:

      Lovely light way to deal with symptoms that drive you crazy.

      BTW, are you still taking B1 – or am I the only one?


    4. ProHealth-Editor says:

      Hi Alicia,

      Yes, I’m still taking B-1. It’s been about a year and a half now and it continues to work – giving me more energy. I don’t ever want to be without it!


    5. abbeysmom says:

      Ha! Ha! I read the list but don’t remember much that was on it.

    6. DianaLC says:

      I was thinking their was something wrong with my memory and thinking process. Does Fibromyalgia make you seem like you can’t find words sometimes or start to tell a story and can’t remember parts do it. Or trying to remember what a Dr says to you and as soon as you are out of office.you can’t remember instructions . Please tell me what to do to make it better. I have Fibromyalgia and RA my ability to remember or find words when talking is getting worse. Does anyone out there know why. Could it be the disease.
      Thanks to anyone that can help . I am ok with daily work duties .

    7. AmieHill says:

      Many of us refer to this as “Fibro Fog” and yes, it’s part of having Fibromyalgia and it sucks! I used to take a piece of paper and a pen into the doctor’s office with me with a list of prepared questions and would write down everything they told me while I was there. Now I used my phone’s ‘notepad’ app to keep track of things.

    8. AmieHill says:

      You avoid going anywhere for days, or weeks, because it takes too much effort to even get dressed decently to go out in public. Wait, forget getting dressed decently…it takes too much effort to even brush your HAIR!

      What about deciding if that errand that you absolutely have to run requires you to actually take a shower, or if you can get away with simply washing off with baby wipes? LOL!

      Deciding between washing your hair, or putting it up in a ponytail and throwing on a baseball hat?

    9. Gertrudesue says:

      You discover that a shopping cart makes a great walker and quickly grab one even if you’re just browsing! You also discover that rubbing alcohol and a wash cloth will cleanse your hair as good as shampoo..makes your eyes water at first and isn’t the best thing for your hair…just spray some leave in conditioner on afterward…gotta do what ya gotta do!

    10. robin.8 says:

      You can remember the joke OR the punchline, but not both!

    11. terrycadymt says:

      One thing I’ve found helpful is to take someone with me to Dr. appts. A second set of ears. My sister also has fibro, so we always have time to go to each other’s appointments. It’s funny, we can remember each other’s doc instructions better than our own!

    12. WendyLisa says:

      This is exactly how I feel. I have been to the docs this morning and only mentioned 2 of the 3 things I wanted to ask about. It’s driving me insane. I am currently off work with anxiety partly brought on by the feeling that I cannot do my job without concentrating and remembering things. I’m scared. Wxxx

    13. IamPat says:

      That list was right on. Rofl! I might add: You know that you have FM/CFS when you have your doctor on speed dial. And the Pharmacy recognizes your voice on the phone.

    14. Jeremy-Admin says:

      Every setence yuo type has missng leters, or the leeters in wrods are mxed up, or entire wrds can in wrog order or mssing, even thouh yuo used to hav exellent splling and gramar. Tanhk God for spel chek.

    15. perijayne says:

      this is the funniest thing I have read today, and it is so true! the other thing I do a lot is I go upstair’s and forget why, and put the teapot in the fridge instead of the milk!

    16. Deadinbed says:


    17. brendek says:

      Karen thanks for bringing such a chuckle to my day. I love this. I have a new blog for living well with fibromyalgia and I would love to use your humor to bring a smile to those who are following my blog. You can check it out at http://www.fibromyalgialivingwellwith.com if you would like to before considering permission to use your article. I know you have it posted to share but I am reluctant to use it in my blog without permission first.

      Please let me know one way or the other and what I need to do to move forward with it. My e-mail is brendek72@gmail.com Thanks Brenda

    18. 1otterfan says:

      Funny but true! I’s so hard but helps to know I’m not the only one who can relate…and empathize. Thanks for the validation! 😉

    19. monasisk says:

      I’ve gotten really smart about having my list of questions while I’m talking with the doctor…only to find out after I leave that I stuck it back in my purse w/o even looking at it while I was there.

    20. ChronicOne says:

      I have the study that says if you have Fibromyalgia, you have an 85% chance of having Lyme Disease..!!!
      Been there done that with 15 years of pain and suffering. Now 99% better.! Because I went to an LLMD and got the http://igenex.com DNA test done. So you too can get better if you want to find a Dr that can send your blood to Igenex..!
      Debunk this: These Zoonotic diseases all come from Labs… Oops! Just Google: “Lab-257 and Lyme”..!

    21. 727dlm says:

      I am sorry to say this is not funny. There are people in our world of pain who do not find the humor. I understand your attempt, but many of us fight the depression of loosing jobs, spouses, friends, and some their lives. Kinda hard to find the humor there…yanno? We the Fibro patients that fight daily for some quality of life, politely request you remove this. We as a community are beyond the jokes made about our disease. Oh by the way,you forgot the ones about how we are lazy….Please rethink this article,we the owners of this disease are not amused. Continued articles will cost you customers.

    22. ChronicOne says:

      This article helped me because it enumerated many of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Lyme…! Great article and very informative..!

    23. trisham says:

      We must be able to laugh whenever we can. To those who don’t find this funny or appropriate, please try to find humour wherever you can. We are all in varying stages of misery each and every day, and laughter is good medicine. None of us has the energy to fight anything but the illness, and certainly not something that is meant to be lighthearted.

      You might have fibromyalgia if – you feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment in a day if you’re able to bathe and change into a clean pair of pj’s.

    24. 56ThunderbirdGirl says:

      If when you wake up you think you died and are now a zombie because you are so stiff you think you’re in the early stages of rigor mortis and can only shuffle along cause your legs won’t work.

    25. Williamskm77 says:

      Please don’t say “we” don’t find this funny as you don’t speak for all of us who suffer with FM/CFS/MS/LYME etc. Karen is doing a wonderful service by a) putting into words the frustration we feel every day b) is just trying shine some light into our dark corner. I pray you find relief and healing. We have to stick together.

    26. KraZyDI says:

      I am constantly talking and during the conversation,I stop in Mid-Sentence and have no clue about what I was talking about! I talk so much,that people rarely pay attention, so they can’t tell me what I was talking about either!

      Occasionally, I will pick up the conversation completely out of the blue.

      Someone asks your age and you need a calendar and a calculator!

    27. VintageCat says:

      “…Your phone….contains only Doctors…” AND…your ICE (In Case of Emergency) Contacts! ” Sad, but true!!!

    28. Summerjae says:

      Hi there,
      I thought I would just add in that I have been taking vitamin B-1 for almost a year now and I do find it helpful. At first I was taking it in separate doses – 3 x 500mg – but then I changed more recently to taking all 3 tablets at once and it is better that way.


    29. cynthea says:

      Thanks for sharing, first time I read about thiamine and posted a reply for more info above on another B1 comment 🙂 Please share more or email me 🙂 thanks

    30. grandmalynda says:

      wanted to tell my grandson to use his fluoride after he brushed his teeth..said “did you rinse with Thyroid?”

    31. L.G. says:

      If you’re 80 years old neighbours can do more in afternoon gardening,
      than you could do in a month.

    32. justsassy says:

      In using B1, What amount is most effective? How does it help with our fibro symptoms?

    33. tprince95 says:

      Hey! I resemble that list! Thanks for the laughs.

    34. BevSlake says:

      I’ve been sick with Fibromyalgia symptoms since 1981, before there was a name, and when we (there were several of us with the same fevers, pain, exhaustion, etc.) were told drinking coffee would fix us.

      I thought it was a combination of a pathogen and toxic exposure. I’ve learned to change what I eat. Definitely eating a lot of organic saturated fat and meat and lowering carbs and not eating processed “food” helps with brain fog and stamina. Codeine helps too.

      I now wonder if actually some of these chronic illnesses are Lyme (which is a fairly recent invention, no matter what the medical industry says — some of us are old enough to know it did not exist when we were young) and the multiple infections which the Ixodes genera ticks were injected with, such as Babesiosis, Bartonella, Erlichsiosis, etc.

      I co-wrote an article 25 years ago about hidden disability and Fibromyalgia that we recently updated to include information about Lyme. (Writing and editing our book also helped clear brain fog.)


      The usual tests do not detect Lyme well or at all, so many people are undiagnosed. Lyme is a great imitator like its cousin spirochete, syphilis, and so is similar to many illnesses and might actually be the cause of some cases of MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, arthritis, etc. Many of us believe it’s chronic and the antibiotics do not work except for a while since the spirochete is never eliminated.

    35. susanjones says:

      Susan Jones, Las Vegas, NV.: you haven’t put away any Christmas decorations and it is going on July or worse. You haven’t had sex in a long time and it isn’t a PROBLEM actually. You have to weigh having sex with being laid up (in bed or prone) for the next 2-3 days. Your shopping cart at the grocery store is too heavy to push, but then the trip is sort of up-hill to your vehicle. Should you shop for groceries at all? Is the potty room in your master bedroom the only room painted plum when all the rest of the walls remain white and the paint is on a shelf in the garage. Making appts with doctors is the easy part. Showing up, showered and dressed, is the hard part, so you cancel a lot! Your career is now what you used to do when you were “young” (not sick). You have the explanation of your disease down like a stuck record when you even pass a doctor’s office. You know the latin names of your body parts, brain, and your meds. A final thought…oh wait, I knew it a minute ago…etc.for everything you want to tell a loved one to catch up, so you don’t let them talk or you talk over them, knowing that what was so important for you to say won’t be there if they finish their thoughts. Annoying for them to be sure, but you’ll forget until sometime during the next week if you don’t get it all out right now. You can score well on the computer tests/puzzles they now give, but you’ve forgotten your favorite movie, so you watch it over and over again, claiming you’ve never seen it before. I’ll stop there. Yes, I have CFS and Fibro, and no, 5 sleep studies, 5-6 MRI’s, and several complete blood tests later, you feel no better than before as everything looks normal according to the doctor/s/!

    36. 56ThunderbirdGirl says:

      What I hate is knowing the word, can see it in my mind, but can’t get it out of my mouth. Hate it. Fibro fog is awful. Geez, clear back in high school I was having problems with it (I’m now in my late 50’s). I once had to go to the office because I couldn’t remember my 2nd hour class after having gone to it for over 3 months. It was so embarrassing.

    37. rt207 says:

      I can’t believe people took offence to this article! And asked for it to be removed!! If the person who wrote that comment feels that way, fine, but do NOT try to group us in with you! When you say that Fibro patients want this removed, that sort of thing, it sounds like you are speaking for many of us and you definitely are NOT!

      Attitude is half the battle! Yes, we all have trouble with it now and then, but in general, you have to want to be happy! Everyone has some type of battle going on, but you can still choose to be happy, or choose to be miserable.

      The funniest part to me was the comment about “calling in sick to doctor’s appointments”! Omg that is SO true!! I think my family doctors staff has gotten to know what’s wrong when I say I just don’t feel like I can make it to my appointment. I have a surgeon I see though who has a very snippy staff……who actually thought they could MAKE me come in to the office by being rude and pushy! “You HAVE to get in here today”! Um, nope lol! After speaking with my surgeon about it, the staff is much nicer now when I have to change an appointment! ??

      This is a hard time of year, the bitter cold makes me hurt so much……so it was nice seeing a funny upbeat article here……thank you!

      Roni 🙂

    38. DianneMarie says:

      I never read things like this because it hurts too much to sit with the computer but love humor and enjoyed all the “I can relate” comments…I have had Fibro/CFS since 1990 in Las Vegas worked as RN…My faith has helped me much in the darkest moments and as I was reading specifically in regard to the brain fog…I began to laugh out loud at myself because….as soon as I leave the confessional I forget what my penance was!!..Thank you for the LAUGH!

    39. susanjones says:

      Susan Jones in Las Vegas, NV. I know most could relate to this but I was among the top in my school and University classes as far as GPA and go-power. But six weeks after the worst flu I had ever had and still trying to make it through my first year of teaching…I was almost 40, and it was a though the former “I” was never to be in my body again. I went to see Dan Peterson at his office in Lake Tahoe, as I was in an “outbreak” town in E. Nevada. He had me get a SPECT scan and some additional brain pics. There was plaque like MS in both parts of my frontal cortex, not quite like MS but VERY similar. That was how I knew it wasn’t me in a span of six weeks, but was the sick person I became. I tried to teach elementary school for the next 7 1/2 years, but kept collapsing and sometimes found myself speaking to my class in jibberish when it was late in the day. My knees kept buckling. I was finally dragged to the Principal’s office and both my teaching pals said to him, “she can’t teach anymore, she’s very sick”. My career and my self-esteem were over. That’s why I have to laugh instead of cry. I spent the next 20 years doing much research, attending worldwide seminars and local ones, and seeing 150+ doctors in all fields and in some other states. Two things worked well for me, but were taken away by expense or withdrawal by the drug companies. They were Kutapressin (pig’s liver extract by I think Pfizer in Germany). I wrote a letter to the company president in a translated into German program, begging them to put it back on the market. It had been on the market for years and years. Then, a doctor in Detroit who had been a microbiologist for the NIH and CDC was practicing and writing about treating AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibro seemed like he knew what to look for. I saw him in Detroit for six months and took an almost lethal dose daily of Valtrex, and in the end the cost (even from a Canadian pharmacy + the costs of the trips without any health insurance) was prohibitive. That’s why I laugh rather than cry. It’s all I can do. Good luck with whatever helps you. I try to remain a tiny bit social & that helps deal with not having your memory and lifestyle you always had. Hope this helps. Any questions, just write me back. I try to help anyone. All this about Lyme and other things…I think I’ve tried every possible combination and had most tests. I did have a nasty double compound fracture of one leg when I fell down the steps at the Smithsonian on a visit with my husband. Also, I had such bad stomach acid/acid reflux for years, my esophagus gave up and I had to go to the Cleveland Clinic and have it cut off and reattached to my resectioned stomach. I almost died of starvation during the six months before that. Lost 110 pounds in 4 months. Now I have the opposite problem, too many lbs. for my height. Well, you know. Fibro is better that CFS and Fibro. Osteoarthritis is very common in all of us, plus insomnia and bad days/weeks, plus very commonly thyroid problems. I had the thyroid and was doing great on replacement therapy before I was sick, but did have to have a complete hysterectomy when I was 42 because of fibroids that were pre-cancerous. Other things, falls are becoming a real problem as I age, without the balance and leg strength. That’s all for now. Sorry, I thought I’d be short…but that seems to be a ruse also. My best to you. Susan

    40. annalaurina says:

      You might have Fibromyalgia if you forget you have Fibromyalgia and wonder why you feel so rotten.

    41. Haversham22 says:

      I went to the doc to do a meds review and to also talk about my memory problems yes dreaded fibro fog. Went through the meds with her and then went home once I got there I then remembered that I was going to ask about my memory!!!! I just sat and laughed at myself for being so silly. I still haven’t been to her about it as I keep forgetting to make the darn appointment lol.

    42. tinaffc says:

      The comment about falling asleep and re-winding made me LOL. My grown up sons are always teasing me about this, one was sat in the room with me and he said I re-wound one programme 5 times as I kept dozing. He said it was like ground hog day

    43. Cochranfloyd says:

      You’re looking outside thru the window and suddenly think, what was that I just thought? Then take the remote and try to rewind???? Only works for the tv, not the window!

    44. Debonator says:

      you’re searching for something that’s right in your hand

    45. HettieM says:

      Haha thank you for this great article. I have fibro now for about 20 years.. and I can see a lot of me in this!! We need to laugh more often, we need to see the funny side of things as well.. otherwise we should turn out to be real sour lemons!

    46. bj203 says:

      Dear Susan,
      The key to understanding why you have become so ill is to understand exactly why you fell ill in the first place.
      Was it acute or chronic stress?
      Was it lifestyle factors e.g. living predominantly indoors & not supplementing with sufficient Vit D3 for your body’s needs?
      Was it related to exposure to environmental chemicals in the months or years leading up to your initial illness?
      Was it that you have inherited particular genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) in your Phase III detoxification genes (MDR1, MRP1, MRP2, ABCG2)that are involved in eliminating heavy metals & xenobiotic compounds from your body?
      Were you low in zinc, magnesium or lithium – such deficiencies are commonly found in patients suffering from ME/CFS?
      Were you absorbing all the nutrients required for optimal immune function?
      These are just some of the questions you (and many of the readers / contributors to this forum) need to ask and get the correct answers for. Unless you understand what has made you susceptible to this illness in the first place, you will really struggle to fully recover (speaking from 10 years experience with CFS).

    47. nancella says:

      You know you have Fibro Fog if you stand up and forget why you are standing.

      You look out a window and see a car and think wow that’s just like my car… and it WAS my car 🙂 LOL

      For dr’s appts I make my list on my phone app and keep them there so I have a walking record with me… I put the answers to questions there too. I also have a list on my phone with all of my medications and dosages, all of my ailments… stopped “counting” at 21… and any medical procedures I’ve had because I tend to forget what’s been done.

      For any class sessions/group appts I have a binder with all of my information so I can review it any time. My goal is to scan it all to PDF so that I can view on my eReader.

      Oh and you know you have Fibromyalgia when you read a book and can’t hold it for long enough to read more than a page or two and it takes forever to finish and have to re-read sections to remember what you’ve already read… which is why I got the eReader which is so much easier for my hands.

      Thanks! 🙂 Nancy

    48. cbuch says:

      The worst thing about this is that you know the answer and can almost reach out and touch it, but you can’t quite get there. I’ve typed minutes for meetings and gone back the next day to read them and wondered what was I thinking when I wrote them. This is one of the hardest parts of fibromyalgia that I struggle with.

    49. maxineq says:

      Wow! I do not remember meeting you. How did you know all of these things about me?

    50. Enoch58 says:

      You know you have fibromyalgia when you are drinking a mug of Starbuck’s Espresso Roast coffee, and you fall asleep while drinking it!! Seriously, this happens to me! hahaha.

    51. millyvelez says:

      You talk fast because you are afraid of loosing your thought or even worse the fear that someone interrupts you and then you forget what the initial conversation was about.

    52. AmieHill says:

      Or because you’ve fallen asleep every time you’ve watched it! So you have to re-start it every time wherever you can remember that you left off and by the time you finally have the whole movie watched it doesn’t even make sense because you can’t put all the snippets together to form the whole plot in your mind!

    53. Luliloves says:

      My family doesn’t know or understand what I go through day in an day out all they think is that I am trying to get attention. They think that I am a hypochondriac that is in all in my mind. How can I make them understand I am at my wits end just don’t know what to do or say anymore. I am so very frustrated

    54. 1954pugs@gmail.com says:

      I feel the same way. my husband does not understand about FM. He calls me a drug addict. Plus he thinks I am lazy. I should be keeping the house clean and grocery shop as well as cook. First off we just leased a new car and refuses for me to drive anymore because last year, twice I came home with the side mirror broken off our old car. I do not remember what happened one time. the second time I hit a patch of ice which made me hit the mail box and I knocked off the other side mirror. Then in November , he was out of town and I decided to run out for ice creme and took a back road and hit a patch of oil (it had been raining) and could not stop and hit the curb across the street and totaled the car. I did not even get a bruise. So now I am not allowed to drive. I do get fibro fog when driving sometimes and have trouble driving, so I gave in. Now, except for doctor appts I never leave my PJ’s. problem is that may be for a week.

    55. KW66 says:

      If you’ve ever walked out of a movie theatre and noticed a poster for a movie and said “Wow, that looks good we should go see that sometime”. To which your whole family replies, at the same time,”Mom, we just did!”

    56. Mpaulson says:

      I have just joined the group and I cannot believe how much I have learnt. I have not been diagnosed with Firbromyalgia but I have all the symptoms that have been talked about here. I thought I was getting dementia, and I have been getting so angry with myself as I do not feel like doing any housework or anything to be honest.

      I am off work at the moment with depression but have been turned down for Long Term Disability. I cannot stay awake more than a few hours without feeling exhausted. I am so frustrated as I have not had an income for over 4months.

      Thanks for all your posts they have made me feel less frustrated in knowing what is wrong with me. I also do not feel so guilty. After my last last visit with my doctor he is now referring me to a specialist.

    57. annr says:

      This is a really funny list. Laughing is good medicine and I appreciate the post.

      I cried because they’re funny, but TRUE and all that laughing wore me out! 🙂

    58. annr says:

      This is a really funny list. Laughing is good medicine and I appreciate the post.

      I cried because they’re funny, but TRUE and all that laughing wore me out! 🙂

    59. annr says:

      You know you have fibro when you post the same comment twice, because you didn’t remember hitting the SUBMIT button. (Head slapping myself, but gently.)

    60. 2catsnadog says:

      You forget the word fibro when someone asks what you’ve got
      You forget which season it is

    61. i4dzn says:

      ..if you’ve tried to read a WHOLE novel at night, because they’ve told you it will be more “restful” and help you fall asleep better than watching TV. However, you fall asleep after reading only a few paragraphs – and you lose your place in the book – so you have to reread several pages. Or – worse yet – you have books – but you can’t remember if you’ve read them!!!

    62. georgina1957 says:

      You’re driving your car and you can’t remember if the green light means go or stop. I took myself off the road that day and got my friend to drive me to my doctors’ after that day. It’s not a funny story, but a serious one about memory loss.

    63. Jenny1973 says:

      Loved reading the list. Soooo very true. And a nice lighthearted way of looking at it!
      I have one more… You wake up more exhausted then when you went to bed!

    64. dinnels1 says:

      I agree with all of the above, except for the person who doesn’t like us laughing about fibro. It helps me to lift others up rather than tearing them down, so thanks for your humor. I’d like to add one more and this is truly how I feel because I’m the only child out of 14 who was born in a hospital — I WAS BORN A PAIN AND I’LL DIE A PAIN!! 🙂

    65. ladydihuey44 says:

      I can relate to so many of these comments. you know u have fibro fog when u say hey guess what and then ur quessing too bc u already forgot what u had to say. I too reschedual appts over and over. Ppl don’t understand and esp my husband. Never in the mood and it does take days to recoop after. The next morning it feels like u have a broken hip and it wasn’t anything wild. Who has energy for wild…lol I Dred having to leave the house but I can’t stand being here in this mess I don’t have the energy to clean. I love to read and yes I fall asleep frequently n loose my place. Try marking with a pencil after a few sentences to be able to find ur place. It helps. plus I move my bookmark after each page. try using the magnetic ones, when u fall asleep n drop ur book, they stay in place. I could go on n on.

    66. emt03576 says:

      You press the button for a cup of coffee and notice way too late that you didn’t put a cup under it…

    67. Kariantara says:

      If my get up and go has got up and went!

    68. Enoch58 says:

      The only thing I didn’t relate to is knowing what is on at 3:00 a.m. The medication I take for fibro and IBS-C make me VERY sleepy. Fortunately, I sleep through most nights – except for those extremely painful ones, but, I am also very sleepy during the day and MUST nap for about an hour or two.

    69. Morganuk says:

      Being told that you have already said that, but you forget about about it, drives me nuts

    70. cbuch says:

      Yes, had to laugh out loud (I think) because the only think I wanted for Christmas was a new pair of PJ’s! It’s funny but not. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. didms says:

    you have to call in sick for a doctors appointment!

    1. AmieHill says:

      OMG! I have rescheduled so many appointments using so many excuses it’s ridiculous! I’m down to ‘the cat ate my appointment card!’

    2. jan180 says:

      You dont get dressed as it saves on laundry and effort of changing twice in one day!

    3. tinsley says:

      I not only have fibromyalgia, but I also have diabetes,hypothyroid and asthma. SS tells me there is nothing wrong with me. But I hurt so bad, and feel so bad. Why does it have to be so difficult?

    4. susanjones says: