YouTube Interviews with XMRV Research Heros Mikovits & Whittemore

See & hear two heros of the groundbreaking XMRV research – Dr. Mikovits and Annette Whitemore, on TV the day the news broke. They discuss related topics such as response from the medical community, a possible link to autism, chances of a vaccine, upcoming trials, hopes for new funding from the NIH, and a suggested discussion board on the WPI website.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

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One thought on “YouTube Interviews with XMRV Research Heros Mikovits & Whittemore”

  1. amesw says:

    My question is where is this virus coming from?

    What is the mechanism of infection?

    Is this something that is passable in dna from father or mother, or is it something that is communicable by proximity – air, water, etc?

    I read that HIV was passed to humans through use of diseased monkey kidneys. Since it was unknown there was no screening for it. With this XMRV – is that a possibility here also? That it was unknown and therefore animal products used in manufacturing consumables were not screened for it and the virus made its way through the process and into the end product?

    Is it possible that it is in fact being injected into children when vaccines are administered to them?

    Thank you for your work I hope these questions can be answered.

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