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An A to Z Gratitude List

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in America, and many of us celebrated the special day with family and friends sharing a meal and maybe telling one another “I’m grateful for you.”  Throughout the month of November, Facebook has been full of “what I’m thankful for” posts, and many sermons this month have focused on gratitude.

Gratitude is important, particularly when you live with a chronic illness.  It may seem trite, but often what gets us from one moment to another is finding something to be grateful for.  A friend of mine shared a New York Times article encouraging gratitude sent to her by another friend, who also sent along her A to Z gratitude list.  With her permission, I share that list modified with a few of my own.

Amazon – And I don’t mean the river; my appreciation has no bounds for this efficient online retailer.

Bubble baths – Can you hear the giggles?

Children –  My babies will always have my heart.

Dancing – I love to watch people dance.

Exercise – It helps keep the pain under control.

Friendship and family.  Family and Friendship

Grandchildren – They bring endless joy and ear-to-ear smiles.

Health – Health is balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Internet – Where would any dinner conversation be without an answer or confirmation from Google?

Jelly – with my peanut butter!

Kisses – Remember your first kiss?

Laughter – So very good for every cell in your being.

Medicine – Some medicines help with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Noodles – Noodles of every kind.

Ocean – Reliably brings calm to my soul.

Pets – Pets brings comfort to so many and ask for so little.

Quiet – Quiet my mind, quiet my spirit.

Rest – Rest when I can, pace myself, and know that everything will work out.

Sunshine – There’s something so special about feeling the warmth of the sun.

Travel – To mountain tops and diverse cultures

U-turns – When Google maps makes no sense

Voting – Empowers us

Wonderful women in my life

X usually marks the spot but I can’t think of a special spot right now.


ZZZZzzzzz – I don’t get enough of it.

Share your A to Z gratitude list with us in the comments below.

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