Q10 is a potential neuroprotective agent against neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s d...
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In this Blogcast, health advocate Scott Forsgren (aka Better Health Guy) interviews Dr. Dale Bred...
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Nutrients that are vital for brain health are omega-3 fats DHA and EPA, choline, phosphatidylseri...
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Huperzine-A has been found to support cognitive function in people with neurodegenerative disease...
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Research shows that melatonin can protect the brain in neurodegenerative disease.
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Low-protein high-carbohydrate diet appears to promote hippocampus health and biology in mice
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Blogger and health writer Lindsay Christensen shares about the benefits of broccoli sprouts in ne...
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Oxidation of a potassium channel known as KCNB1 results in a toxic buildup of this protein, leadi...
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Support groups can be helpful for all kinds of issues. In this article, Blake Farmer of Nashville...
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Iron is an essential element in the brain, so it is critical to understand how its management is ...
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For Alzheimer’s disease being severely vitamin D deficient was linked to a 122 percent increased ...
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Study sets the stage for using NAD+ for treating Alzheimer’s disease in humans.
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Low Vitamin D levels have been implicated in cognitive dysfunction related to dementia, of which ...
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Health care practitioners Dr. Randall Gates, DC, DACNB and Dr. Martin Rutherford, DC, CFMP presen...
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Researchers have found that for patients with high omega-3 levels, blood flow in specific areas o...
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Even severe psychiatric problems have been shown to benefit greatly from nutritional interventions.
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Bioactive agents that target pathways that are hit by multiple neurodegenerative conditions may b...
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Study supports a protective role of vitamin E and C supplements in the risk for Alzheimer’s disea...
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For the first time, scientists have shown that probiotics -- beneficial live bacteria and yeasts ...
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Omega-3 fatty acids may impact neurons, glia, and astrocytes themselves.
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Pomegranate diet administered for 15 months enhanced synaptic plasticity.
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Resveratrol has been shown to improve mitochondrial function and protect against metabolic disease.
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Alzheimer’s, ME/CFS and FM share at least two things; both inflammation and cognition are involved.
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Research is finding that natural ingredients can help slow—and possibly reverse—Alzheimer’s disease.
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Mice that receive magnesium show reduction in amyloid beta aggregation and associated cognitive d...
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This article reviews historical evidence that supports a relationship between Alzheimer's dementi...
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Learn how antioxidants combat the oxidative stress that leads to degenerative diseases.
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An Alzheimer's disease biomarker that declines when the disease progresses is stabilized in peopl...
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Chronic illnesses may be more amenable to therapeutic systems than monotherapeutics, study finds.
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