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Lyme Disease HealthWatch – September 2019

Lyme Disease and MTHFR: 3 Supplements You Should Know About

Most people with Lyme disease have come across information about the MTHFR gene, and its possible mutations. Should you get tested to see if you have a mutation in this gene? If you do, are you at risk for decreased function in various systems of the body? It’s worth looking deeply into this topic and consulting with your doctor before you decide to supplement on your own as part of your Lyme disease treatment protocol.

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What We Wish Our Loved Ones Knew About Lyme Disease

It’s difficult for our loved ones to fully comprehend the suffering we endure with chronic Lyme disease. Our lives often change drastically – confusing the important people around us because we don’t always look sick. My hope for this article is that you, our loved ones, would gain some insights into what it’s like living with a chronic illness, and find ways you can support us as we navigate this often scary situation.

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Lyme Disease and Your Hormones: 4 Ways to Balance Them Naturally

When it comes to Lyme disease and hormones, many Lyme-literate doctors (and female Lyme patients) seem to agree that supplementing and regulating their hormone levels during Lyme disease treatment can help support overall healing and recovery. If you decide to supplement, you have three options.

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Beating and Healing from Lyme

Everyone with Lyme disease knows how important things such as taking antibiotics, sticking to herbal antimicrobial protocols and natural therapies, and finding an excellent healthcare practitioner can be. There are, however, many other factors involved in fighting Lyme that also make a huge difference in the healing process. In Jim Davidson’s struggles with the disease, he can think of 10 things that have helped him a lot in his healing journey, and he would like to share them with you.

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