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Contemporary Research Shows the Advantages of Hyperthermia in Lyme Disease Treatment

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Editor’s Note: St. Georg Hospital and hyperthermia treatment are also featured in Connie Strasheim’s 2016 book, New Paradigms in Lyme Disease Treatment: 10 Top Doctors Reveal Healing Strategies that Work.  

St. George Hospital has announced their finding in Lyme Disease Treatment. Their research indicates that Lyme spirochetes are thermolabile.

BAVARIA, Germany, Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — St. George Hospital; a German-based specialist hospital for internal medicine and acute oncological care has announced their finding in Lyme Disease Treatment. The medical organization has used various case studies to show the advantages of hyperthermia in Lyme Disease Treatment. The research indicates that Lyme spirochetes are thermolabile. Based on this discovery, they have used this to carry out treatment for patients from different parts of the world. A few sample of the positive customer testimonials are posted on the hospital’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/klinik.st.georg.

According to the medical team at the hospital, they have given close attention to the research done by other leading experts around the world. For example, the Syphilis therapy by Wagner-Jauregg who discovered the advantages of infecting a syphilis patient with malaria. The fever spurts eventually killed the Syphilis spirochetes. However, the consistency of the results generated at their hospital buttress the place of hyperthermia in Lyme Disease Treatment. For example, a young patient was at the medical facility over a period of three weeks. She was infected when she was still a child even though she was treated immediately by doctors in Boston the disease eventually spread all over her body. She arrived in Germany after several Years of treatment in conventional medicine. Her body was so weak that she was not able to move without a wheelchair. After the therapy, she was not only able to fully enjoy a revitalized system but also a life without a wheelchair.

St. George Hospital has a clinical trial with Spaulding Rehabilitation Center a Harvard-Teaching-Hospital to prove the effect of hyperthermia on Lyme borrelia. This synergy has not only created groundbreaking results but has helped many patients to enjoy good health. In line with the operating framework of St. George Hospital, they are poised to keep entrenching the benefit of hyperthermia through every possible means. Also, this finding can lead to a strong push by health advocates to look at ways to spread this concept to medical experts that are yet to embrace this reality. Based on the track record of those who have been equitably treated, there is enough proof to make sure assertions in line with the place of hyperthermia in Lyme Disease treatment.

The broad spectrum of the service of St. George Hospital makes them one of the leading Lyme therapy centers in the world. They have a team of experts that consistently work with the leading research specialists in the world to upgrade their service delivery. The results of this unique synergy have made this medical center a dynamic player that is consistently putting a bright light in very challenging health situations.

The current research finding will not only continue to resonate across the globe; it will help to keep bringing hope to many people who may have lost faith in the form of medical treatment offered by this top medical organization. For more information about St. George Hospital, you can visit: https://www.st-george-hospital.com.

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Marina Braun
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One thought on “Contemporary Research Shows the Advantages of Hyperthermia in Lyme Disease Treatment”

  1. jenunsa says:

    I wish the article explained what the treatments (fever spurts) are exactly. How hot does the body have to get, and for how long? How often are the treatments? Can I do it at home by taking a hot shower or bath?

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