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The New Dual Activation Pain Relief Cream

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Sore muscles, achy joints and chronic pain of fibromyalgia got you down?

Dr. Kevin Khalili’s dual-activation pain relief cream may be the answer to get you up and on your feet.

He created Khalili Cream to deliver lasting pain relief and increase the quality of care he provides his patients.  It alleviates muscle pain and helps with recovery after exercise.  He also uses it for arthritis, fibromyalgia, strains, sprains, back-aches and more.

The unique combination of herbs, oils, and nutrients delivers almost immediate pain relief.  This cream also contains skin conditioners that support skin health.  Made from all natural ingredients, you can use it several times a day whether you use for yourself or for your patients.  Plus, it has a pleasing aroma rather than that “medicine” smell.

The Origin Story

As a chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Khalili uses pain relief creams with his patients every day.  Not long after he opened his practice he realized he had two problems.  First, he needed to find a lotion or cream that stopped pain and smelled better.  Many patients commented the creams smelled awful and the pain relief often wore off too fast.

His second problem is a common one for many healthcare workers.  Dr. Khalili used the same creams over and over every day.  In a recent conversation, he explained this created the potential for overexposure to the medications in those creams and lotions.  “I wanted something pure,” he said, “I use creams all day and I didn’t want to get an overexposure to the synthetic ingredients so many creams have.”

In his first five years of practice, he tried more than 75 creams.  He didn’t find one that worked the way he wanted.  Rather than keep searching, he decided to make his own.  He knew what he wanted.  “You want a cream that’s easy to work with, not sticky, it absorbs easily and has a pleasing aroma,” he related during our conversation.

For several years, Dr. Khalili tested a wide variety of all-natural, active ingredients.  Finally, he found nine that deliver immediate and long-lasting relief.  When he started using it with his clients, the response was overwhelming.  His patients reported immediate, significant relief from aches, pains and soreness.  Even better, they found the aroma calming and soothing.

And he liked that he can use it many times every day without fear of overexposure.

Today, Dr. Khalili uses this cream to ease soreness in his patients.  He also uses it to treat chronic pain and discomfort for conditions like fibromyalgia and CFS.

What Makes Khalili Cream Special?

The ingredients in Khalili Cream make it more than a topical pain relief cream.  They also support the health of your skin.  Its most unique feature has to be the way it dual-activates.  This means you can rub it on now for immediate relief.  Later, it reactivates for another round of pain relief after exercise, a shower or an epsom salt bath.

His formula includes some of the most well known natural skin-nourishing agents available today.  Coconut oil, aloe leaf juice and avocado oil aid absorption of the pain relieving herbs.  But they also moisturize and supply essential nutrients to your skin.  This way, the cream doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily or dry.  Many of the other ingredients cleanse the skin and give this cream a pleasant aromatic scent.

To soothe aches and pains, he included nine herbs known for their anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities.  These include camphor, arnica, curcumin, ginger, menthol, and comfrey.  The remaining three deserve a special note.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

Since its discovery back in the 80’s, this sulfur based compound has captured a lot of attention.   It plays a key role in the health of your cells.  Some researchers suggest it may be as important to the body as Vitamin C.

MSM helps control inflammation at the cellular level.  When your cells get stiff and rigid, they swell and become damaged.  Inflammation and pain follow.  MSM plays an important role in the health and flexibility of cell walls.  When cells are more flexible, they get more nutrients.  They also release more toxins.  This prevents damage to the cell and restores normal permeability to cell walls.

Your body makes MSM, but over time you produce less of it.  While you can get some from your food, cooking and digestion destroy most of it.

And it plays a big role in pain relief.  Studies show it provides significant pain relief for osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, and tendonitis. [1,2]  While most studies focus on its effect as an oral supplement, it also works well topically.

As a small molecule and an essential nutrient, it absorbs easily through the skin.  This gets it to the muscles and joints where it’s needed most.  Dr. Khalili found the more MSM he included, the better his patients responded.  As a result, MSM is one of the primary ingredients in Khalili Cream.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne contains a powerful compound called capsaicin.  It blocks the release of a nerve signaler called substance P.  Osteoarthritis patients treated with capsaicin-based topical creams reported significant pain relief. [1]  In another study, 70 women with severe fibromyalgia used a topical cream that featured capsaicin.  At the end of study, the women reported they felt better and reported a more positive outlook and mood.[2]


This herb has been the “go-to” herb for thousands of years to treat muscle soreness and joint pain.  You might also know it by its biblical or historic name frankincense.  The acids in boswellia absorb easily through the skin and target areas of inflammation.  It interrupts an enzyme that causes the swelling and inflammation that causes pain.[3]

Who Benefits from Khalili Cream?

One morning recently I had an opportunity to use Khalili cream.  Often I wake up sore and stiff.  Usually a warm shower helps, but sometimes I find it tough to get going.  That morning, the shower provided little relief.  I grabbed the bottle of Khalili cream and massaged it into my sore muscles.   I was amazed at how fast it worked. In a couple of minutes the soreness was gone and I was ready to go.

My experience isn’t unique.  Here’s what some others have reported:

Denise, a web developer, reported, “Khalili™ Cream is magic in a tube as far as I am concerned! I apply it right after morning exercise and a hot shower and it instantly soothes my aches. Then it reactivates as soon I exercise or bathe again. It also leaves my skin silky smooth where applied.”

Lonnie, the owner of Mailbu Fitness, said “We love Khalili™ Cream for many reasons, such as its anti-inflammatory ingredients, which help remedy sore and injured areas, and the soothing heat it generates, especially with activity.  Its refreshing scent is an extra bonus.”

Store owners have even commented on their customers’ response.  Rinzai of Rinzai’s Market in Arizona said, “Our customers really appreciate how effective Khalili Cream is for treating the pain of repeated use injuries, and also that it has simple, clean, and pure ingredients…our customers often comment that even the aroma makes them feel better.”

Key Features:

Khalili Cream features several special qualities that make it unique among topical pain relievers.  It…

  • Only contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Delivers a warming sensation without that burning feeling.
  • Includes skin moisturizers and skin-soothers featured in many skin creams.
  • Offers a pleasant aroma.   Aromatherapy uses many of these to refresh and stimulate the mind.
  • Supplies a high-potency dose of MSM to encourage fast relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Absorbs quickly, dries fast and goes to work right away.  It doesn’t stain clothes.
  • Dual activation.  Rub it on in the morning when you wake up for immediate relief.  Later after you shower or exercise it goes to work again and delivers a second round of relief.

How to Apply it:

For aches and pains, first, shake the tube.  Apply to the sore, achy or affected area no more than 3-4 times per day.  Slowly massage the cream into the skin.

To enhance relief, try it after an epsom salt bath or a shower.

It also works for exercise recovery, to help get better sleep, and even to relieve headaches.  For specific uses like these, follow the directions Dr. Khalili includes with every bottle.


For external use only.  Do not ingest.  Seek medical help if taken internally.  Avoid contact with your eyes, mouth and mucus membranes.  Do not apply to open wounds and damaged skin.  Do not bandage tightly.  Avoid hot tubs, steam rooms and sauna when using this product.


Check with your doctor before using if you are pregnant and breast-feeding.  Do not continue use if the condition worsens or if skin irritation and redness develops.  If symptoms persist for more than 7 days, clear up and get worse again, see medical help.


All natural Khalili Cream is a topical analgesic that delivers immediate relief from acute aches and pains.   Some use it to relieve soreness after exercise.  Others use it to relieve chronic pain.  Healthcare workers can use it and avoid overexposure to medicated creams.  Avoid this product if you follow Dr. Amand’s Guaifenesin Protocol for Fibromyalgia as it contains herbal compounds.

Copywriter and researcher Peter Rufa writes for a wide range of clients but specializes in health.  He’s written for doctors, supplement providers, healthcare, medical, and fitness organizations and businesses throughout the United States.


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