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Unraveling the Mystery of Bartonellosis

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Bartonellosis is a poorly understood condition but commonly found in people with chronic Lyme disease. It is caused by Bartonella, a gram-negative bacteria that adheres to red blood cells and which is found in commonly found in red blood and endothelial cells, although it also exists in other types of cells. It can evade the immune system and establish a long-standing, persistent, chronic infection that is difficult to eradicate.
Most conventional lab tests are inadequate for diagnosing Bartonella, but advanced testing labs can help to identify it, along with a clinical evaluation. Once the diagnosis is established, specific combinations of antibiotics and other medications can be effective for reducing pathogen load and halting Bartonella’s growth. Alternative and complementary therapies such as herbal remedies can further help to support the body in dealing with the infection and support immune and circulatory function.
In his July, 2015 article published in Townsend Letter, health writer and Lyme disease advocate Scott Forsgren writes about Bartonellosis; its origins and history, as well as how it is spread. He also shares some well-respected Lyme-literate health care practitioners’ diagnostic and treatment approaches. The article is based partially upon Forsgren’s interview with Bartonellosis expert, B. Robert Mozayeni, MD, who also provides insights into his treatment protocols, along with the challenges of treating Bartonella. “Unraveling the Mystery of Bartonellosis” is a comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Bartonella and Bartonellosis.  
Source: Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine. July 2015. By Scott Forsgren.  
Townsend Letter Note: Townsend Letter routinely publishes articles on Lyme disease.

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