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VIDEO: The Best 2 Trace Minerals For Depression by Dr. Eric Berg DC

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Trace minerals are micronutrients, which help the brain and body function properly. Chromium and zinc are two trace minerals that may assist with depression recovery. Both chromium and zinc can be obtained through foods, like meats, nuts and seeds, and certain vegetables. Additionally, they can also be taken in supplement form. Check out the video below to learn more about these two trace minerals.


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One thought on “VIDEO: The Best 2 Trace Minerals For Depression by Dr. Eric Berg DC”

  1. Tony Lazz says:

    Wow great detailed presentation for how short but effective. So when I smoke Cannabis which activates my brain I get munchies. Now I think this is related because I eat low carb low sugar mostly, So I should take more Chromium/Zinc to stabile Sugar, So when I get active I will not get munchies…. What about Fulvic and Humic Acid also???

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