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Nutritional Supplements

In this Blogcast, Health advocate Scott Forsgren interviews renowned integrative doctor Lee Cowde...
09/22/18 Read More
Medical writer and author Connie Strasheim shares tips for mitigating PMS in Lyme disease.
09/20/18 Read More
Health writer Lindsay Christensen shares about some foods and nutrients that support a robust imm...
09/16/18 Read More
Blogger Lindsay Christensen shares about the importance of nutrition for optimal immune function,...
09/05/18 Read More
Bill Rawls, MD shares about why he believes that stevia can't be used to treat Lyme disease.
09/03/18 Read More
COQ10 has been found to have profound effects upon neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and other di...
08/22/18 Read More
Black cumin has been shown to protect the brain in neurodegenerative diseases.
08/18/18 Read More
Author Connie Strasheim shares about the benefits of licorice root in chronic illness.
07/09/18 Read More
Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviews 3-time New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss on Lyme disea...
07/06/18 Read More
Health advocate Lindsay Christensen shares some nutritional supplements that have been shown to b...
07/05/18 Read More
PheniSleep features phenibut to support sleep and the better physical and mental performance that...
06/15/18 Read More
Supercharge your day with an antioxidant-packed smoothie bowl featuring raw beets, blueberries, a...
06/15/18 Read More
Priobiotics may improve stool transit time and alleviate constipation.
05/15/18 Read More
Some essential oils have been found to have activity against Borrelia and biofilm in the lab.
05/08/18 Read More
Reprinted from with the kind permission of Lisa Cipkar. To re...
04/14/18 Read More
What do joint pain, memory loss and cardiovascular disease have in common? The pomegranate may ho...
04/09/18 Read More
Supplements other Lyme patients have found that often work quickly
03/27/18 Read More
Health advocate Lindsay Christensen shares about the links between gut bacteria and mental health.
03/01/18 Read More
A new study just came out that shows that stevia is more effective at killing Lyme disease than p...
02/27/18 Read More
Biofilm busters may be helpful for detecting Borrelia and other Lyme organisms via PCR testing.
02/19/18 Read More
Cannibigerol (CBG) has been found to protect neurons and reduce inflammation in neurodegenerative...
01/29/18 Read More
Jenny Lelwica shares about supplements that support the immune system in Lyme disease.
01/25/18 Read More
A 2016 study suggests that black cumin seed may improve memory, cognition and attention span in p...
12/31/17 Read More
Chlorella has been found to support a healthy mood in people with depression.
12/22/17 Read More
Gallic acid, a polyphenol found in pomegranate rinds, has been shown to have potent anti-Candida ...
12/19/17 Read More
Editor’s Note: While this study focuses on the ability of Nigella sativa, or black cumin se...
12/17/17 Read More
Lyme book author Connie Strasheim shares about foods and nutrients that help to repair damaged co...
12/02/17 Read More
Studies show that probiotics play a powerful role in supporting a healthy mood.
11/24/17 Read More
Essential oils are now being found in studies to have potent antimicrobial effects against Lyme d...
11/09/17 Read More
Huperzine A has been found to have neuroprotective properties, and may therefore be a useful adju...
11/04/17 Read More