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A moving video commemorates those whose lives have been lost to Lyme disease.
05/03/15 Read More
Fox News segment on Lyme disease and autism.
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Sudden Onset explains differences found in spinal fluid in ME/CFS patients and patient with post-...
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Two disability lawyers discuss the top five reasons insurance companies deny disability claims.
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Dr. Dino Prato discusses the surprising connection between Lyme disease and fibromyalgia.
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The light bulb went on when blood pressure improved in animals on GSE-rich feed.
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Why do many doctors deny Lyme disease? In this young patient's view it's about money and medical ...
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Most of the accepted wisdom about removing ticks actually causes them to disgorge infected stomac...
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A definition, scientific case studies, a review of tick-borne microorganisms, diagnostic procedur...
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Harold Smith, MD, explains the immense costs of failing to diagnose & treat Lyme promptly and pro...
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Increasing constituent pressure for action may encourage pasage of this bill.
07/20/11 Read More