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CBD Oil for ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

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As anyone who has ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome) will attest, finding an ME/CFS treatment that helps with any of its many symptoms can be challenging. Since as yet there are still no FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of ME/CFS, patients often turn to natural remedies to try to find relief from a variety of ME/CFS symptoms. CBD oil is one of those natural remedies that is becoming increasingly popular.

What Patients Say About CBD for ME/CFS

As the use of CBD oil becomes more common, ME/CFS patients who have experienced significant improvement are beginning to tell their stories.

  • One of the best-known stories may be that of Tom Bethell reported in the UK publication the Daily Mail. At the age of 15, Tom was bed-bound and hadn’t been to school for almost eight years. He had stopped growing and was so weak, it was difficult to even breathe. At that point, he told his mother that he “didn’t want to live anymore.” However, after he began taking CBD oil, he made a remarkable turnaround. His mother said his symptoms were alleviated and he began growing again – 11 inches in nine months and two shoe sizes in eight weeks. He was soon able to return to living the life of a normal 15-year-old.
  • Late last year, Pinetree told her recovery story to Cort Johnson on his blog, HealthRising. Prior to trying CBD oil, Pinetree was bedridden and needed help with pretty much everything. She had found a few supplements that helped some, but she still had some fairly severe symptoms. She credits CBD oil with making the difference for her. Since she began using CBD oil, Cort reports, “Now her bed is for sleeping at night, she is able to care for herself, and is starting to look for a job. The brain fog, the headaches, the severe pain, the overwhelming post-exertional malaise, the depression are gone!”
  • Kristin Kollinger also told her ME/CFS healing story on HealthRising. Kristin went from being a hard-charging executive to being bed-bound, too weak to take a shower or even lift a glass of water from her bedside table. When traditional medicine didn’t help her, she turned to natural healing methods, including nutrition and meditation. While those things helped, it was adding CBD oil and low-dose naltrexone that really made the difference for her. Kristin said, “CBD oil has reduced my exercise intolerance, decreased nerve pain, reduced inflammation, increased my immunity, and helped with sleep.” Although she still has some symptoms, they are significantly less. She says she feels the best she has in eight years and is now able to work part-time.

5 ME/CFS Symptoms CBD Oil May Help – The Research

Since much of the research into CBD oil is relatively recent, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that so far there has been no published research on CBD for ME/CFS specifically. But there is research on the use of CBD oil for several ME/CFS symptoms that can give us insights into its effectiveness…

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