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“Hope and Heart Unite for ME/CFS” – OMF’s first poetry and art slam!

Your words and art have power
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OMF and Lev Leytzan: The Heart of Therapeutic Clowning, Inc. (a non-profit organization) are excited to announce that we are joining together to create “Hope and Heart Unite for ME/CFS” — our first poetry and art slam!

Your words and art have power. We are therefore inviting those affected by ME/CFS, along with friends and family, to compose a slam poem or artistic piece based on their journey with ME/CFS.  “Hope and Heart Unite for ME/CFS” is an opportunity to show off your talent and share your experience with the world. Let’s cultivate messages of hope and positivity. Approved submissions  will be made available on our website and some on social media.

“We are eager to hear your voice and allow the ME/CFS community to join in solidarity as we build more awareness about the challenges that everyone is facing,” said Dr. Neal C. Goldberg, Executive Director of Lev Leytzan.

Why a Poetry Slam? OMF is leading research and delivering hope to end ME/CFS and we welcome the creativity of people affected by ME/CFS and their community to inspire hope through this Poetry and Art Slam. Express yourselves with words and help us share hope for a healthier future.

From January 3 – February 3, 2019 your entry can be submitted at Upon review, your approved entries will be hosted on our website to be enjoyed by all. We encourage you to invite your family and friends to check our site regularly for inspiration and to vote for your favorite poems. Learn more.

Everyone is welcome to vote for the poem that is most inspirational to them. One poem from the youth (14 – 26) category and one poem from the adult (27+) category will be set to music to be released during “May Momentum.”

To submit your poem or artwork, or to view submissions, click here

We look forward to your submissions and participation!

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