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How to Jump-start and Sustain Energy Production in CFS

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Can a low dose stimulant + a highly potent mitochondrial nutrient formula jump-start and sustain energy production in people with CFS?

In the Past…

Stimulants have often been prescribed by doctors to treat patients with fatigue. Unfortunately, this approach has not been shown to provide long-term benefits and may lead to negative side effects such as debilitating crashes, headaches, anxiety, etc.

Doctors have also tried prescribing large amounts of nutritional supplements to patients suffering from chronic fatigue. While many leading CFS doctors agree that nutrient supplementation is important, some patients only feel slight improvement in the way they feel.

Since neither approach alone has provided the long-term benefits sought by patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a different approach is needed.

A Different Approach…

Since neither of the above approaches alone provides the desired long-term benefits, K-PAX Pharmaceuticals developed and tested an approach that has already helped many people rise to a new level of functioning.

By combining a low dose of caffeine with a highly potent nutritional formula that supports mitochondrial functioning, we believe we have developed a way to “jump start” the mitochondria and increase energy production.

In this approach, the stimulant is used as a catalyst to speed absorption of the nutrients into the mitochondria. Since the K-PAX nutrient formula provides all the cofactors needed for healthy mitochondrial functioning, depletion is unlikely to occur.

For many, this hybrid approach provides the improvement in energy and alertness they are seeking.

K-PAX Fatigue Protocol

Based on extensive clinical testing, K-PAX has identified a combination of K-PAX ENERGY and IMMUNE products that can help people struggling with fatigue achieve an improvement in their energy level and sense of well-being.* Both of these K-PAX products were developed by fatigue and immune specialist Dr. Jon Kaiser and are based on the formula of antioxidants and amino acids that he has used for many years to address severe mitochondrial and immune dysfunction in hundreds of patients with CFS.

Both formulas provide “high octane” nutrients to the mitochondria of the body’s cells in order to generate increased energy. The ENERGY product also has ingredients that gently stimulate the brain to be more active, focused, and alert.

With BreakfastWith Lunch (before 2 pm)
K-PAX Immune: 2 tabletsK-PAX Immune: 2 tablets
K-PAX Energy: 1 or 2 tabletsK-PAX Energy: 1 or 2 tablets

Make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day and try to not increase your base-line activity for 1-3 months while your cells are becoming more healthy.

A One-Month Trial:

Most individuals report best results in improving their energy level after 1-2 months on this program. If you are interested in giving this program the best chance possible to significantly improve your energy level, we recommend the one-month fatigue trial pack, which includes both products.

Hope for the Future: Seeking an FDA approvable treatment for CFS… “The by-prescription version”…

Some CFS patients may require a more potent treatment. A new study called “The Synergy Trial” is utilizing Ritalin® as the catalyst, plus a K-PAX Mitochondrial Support formula, to “jump start” the mitochondria and increase its ability to generate energy.

This innovative hybrid therapy has been previously tested in several dozen CFS patients with impressive preliminary results. Patients have reported a rapid decrease in fatigue and brain fog symptoms and the treatment has been well tolerated.

Since this investigational treatment combines a currently available drug with a K-PAX nutrient formula, the goal is to obtain FDA approval and thereby acquire insurance coverage for those who need this treatment.

The Complete Explanation…

K-PAX Pharmaceuticals has recently posted a webinar providing details about this exciting new treatment and the early data that has been collected.

This webinar will:

  • Report the positive outcome from a preliminary trial where a low dose of methylphenidate was administered in combination with a potent nutrient formula to improve cellular function and decrease symptoms of CFS.
  • Discuss the Synergy Trial, a Phase II, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, clinical trial for the treatment of CFS.

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