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Treatment Articles

The holiday season can be very stressful, particularly if you have health issues. These 7 tips c...
12/07/18 Read More
Getting a handle on the factors that create an energy drain in FM.
11/05/18 Read More
Learning when and how to rest well when you have ME/CFS is key to improving.
10/26/18 Read More
Pacing is an essential tool for anyone with a chronic illness. Learn 5 tips to help you use this ...
10/17/18 Read More
Dr. Axe discusses the IBS diet and natural treatments to help overcome IBS.
10/02/18 Read More
Individuals with CFS may have reduced vagal nerve activation post-immersion
09/23/18 Read More
Medical writer and author Connie Strasheim shares tips for mitigating PMS in Lyme disease.
09/20/18 Read More
Celeste Cooper interviews Stephen Wangen, ND, about irritable bowel syndrome and what can be done...
09/07/18 Read More
Do you feel exhausted, despite how amazing your night of sleep was? If so, you may be have low NA...
08/29/18 Read More
Often IBS patients are told to avoid vegetables, but is that really the best advice?
08/10/18 Read More
Author Connie Strasheim shares about the benefits of licorice root in chronic illness.
07/09/18 Read More
Losing weight with a chronic illness is often very difficult, but it CAN be done.
06/29/18 Read More
Supercharge your day with an antioxidant-packed smoothie bowl featuring raw beets, blueberries, a...
06/15/18 Read More
Author and Lyme survivor Connie Strasheim shares factors that cause weight gain in the chronicall...
05/11/18 Read More
What do joint pain, memory loss and cardiovascular disease have in common? The pomegranate may ho...
04/09/18 Read More
Research: A reanalysis and evaluation of the PACE trial findings
03/28/18 Read More
Cortene is getting ready to conduct a clinical trial for a potential new drug for ME/CFS.
03/26/18 Read More
Learn why mitochondrial function is so essential for health and how to nutritionally support the ...
03/09/18 Read More
Health advocate Lindsay Christensen shares about the links between gut bacteria and mental health.
03/01/18 Read More
Membrane Lipid Replacement can play a key role in restoring mitochondrial function lost due to ch...
10/30/17 Read More
Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment method for insomnia, according to a new st...
09/17/17 Read More
Healthy tissues are damaged by "friendly fire" when inflammation gets out of control.
07/14/17 Read More
In the third of a series of blogs examining the role that paleo / ketogenic / carbohydrate limite...
06/26/17 Read More
The mitochondria in each cell need certain essential raw materials to produce energy, starting wi...
06/22/17 Read More
In 1998, the FDA required food manufacturers to fortify breads, cereals, pastas, rice and many ot...
06/12/17 Read More
Dr. Podell discusses the possibility that combining CoQ10 and selenium may help reduce brain fog ...
05/02/17 Read More
Does it seem like every night at 2- 4 AM your internal alarm clock goes off? This is one of the m...
04/08/17 Read More
A new study puts the potential brain benefits of resveratrol into question.
04/04/17 Read More
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is very common, being present in one third of people with CFS and fib...
03/31/17 Read More
Sleep apnea is a condition in which you repeatedly stop breathing during the night. This contribu...
03/29/17 Read More