Prescription Medications And Medical Procedures

Learn the various treatment options for OI – both pharmacological and non-pharmacological.
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Öystein Fluge, MD, Dep. Oncology and Medical Physics, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norg...
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High-frequency rTMS applied over the DLPFC may be a potentially useful therapy for CFS patients, ...
12/07/16 Read More
Ampligen became the first drug approved for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) anywhere in the world.
08/29/16 Read More
Jarred Younger talks about nine potential treatments for Gulf War Illness.
04/19/16 Read More
Cort Johnson explores research on new types of opioids to address pain.
04/05/16 Read More
Based on computer models, a study finds Trazodone and LDN might be useful for ME/CFS.
01/19/16 Read More
Cort Johnson reports on the 2014 Sleep Survey which asked people with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS to ...
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Cort Johnson reviews a study that suggests a) FM is a neuro-inflammatory disorder, b) Savella red...
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A new medication in Phase III clinical trials may provide great improvement not only in sleep qua...
12/26/15 Read More
Cort Johnson offers encouraging news about the role of neuroinflammation in FM and ME/CFS patients
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A study shows colostrum MAF be effective for treating infectious diseases and for fatigue.
07/24/15 Read More
Researcher Jarrod Younger is exploring the roles microglial activation and neuroinflammation may ...
07/21/15 Read More
Norwegian researchers believe that ME is a form of autoimmune disease.
06/16/15 Read More
Brincidofovir potent against a wide array of viruses.
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Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc. reports that it has executed an agreement with Emerge Health Pty Ltd. ...
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Editor's Comment: In a recent survey conducted by ProHealth, one-third of the respondents reporte...
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Dr. Charles Lapp discusses treatment options for insomnia in ME/CFS and FM patients.
12/16/14 Read More
Dr. Richard Podell discusses the importance of methylation.
11/20/14 Read More
Results of ProHealth survey on cognitive impairment.
11/18/14 Read More
Can a low dose stimulant + a highly potent mitochondrial nutrient formula jump-start and sustain ...
11/06/14 Read More
A former airline pilot describes how he recovered from ME/CFS.
10/29/14 Read More
Dr Podell suggests that CFS/ME patients be treated with anti-inflammatories
10/02/14 Read More
Dr. Podell is a clinical professor at New Jerseys Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He has spec...
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Congress is working on something that has promise of having a good effect on getting Ampligen app...
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Results of ProHealth Survey on Pain Treatments.
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A patient reports on his experiences with Dr. Cheney's protocol
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A closer look at how one research company is investigating the relationship between nerves, estro...
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Applied scientists believe that chronic illnesses such as ME/CFS and FM can be treated by "resett...
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New research is revealing that autoimmunity may play a major role in chronic pain conditions like...
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