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Prescription Medications And Medical Procedures

Could ME/CFS be an autoimmune disease? Author Erica Verrillo discusses this theory.
01/07/21 Read More
COVID-19 is already shedding light on the different immune responses patients have to the virus, ...
09/08/20 Read More
A very old drug may hold the key for developing an effective EBV-inhibiting medication.
07/29/20 Read More
Researchers found that prolonged activation of the sympathetic nervous system can turn on chronic...
07/13/20 Read More
The following is an updated excerpt from a discussion given by Dr. Cheney in February, 1999.
03/19/20 Read More
Could some of the symptoms you've been attributing to ME/CFS actually be caused by an underactive...
10/17/19 Read More
Assessing and treating the thyroid is one area where the practice of ME/CFS doctors may distinctl...
10/05/19 Read More
Early results from Cortene's first small clinical trial look promising for this potential new dru...
10/02/19 Read More
This somewhat unusual-sounding treatment may offer hope for some ME/CFS patients.
09/30/19 Read More
Treating sleep problems is a key component of any ME/CFS treatment protocol.
09/18/19 Read More
Once just thought of as just a drug for anesthesia, ketamine studies are showing it may also help...
07/05/19 Read More
If you take opioid medication for chronic pain, it's essential to fully understand pain medicatio...
06/05/19 Read More
In an effort to quell the opioid epidemic, many state laws have gone too far, according to the au...
05/31/19 Read More
Simmaron Research is leading an effort to gain FDA approval for the first-ever drug designated fo...
05/18/19 Read More
Learn the various treatment options for OI – both pharmacological and non-pharmacological.
05/03/19 Read More
Stanford researchers developed a new blood test that identified people with ME/CFS with 100% accu...
05/02/19 Read More
Cortene is getting ready to conduct a clinical trial for a potential new drug for ME/CFS.
03/26/18 Read More
Öystein Fluge, MD, Dep. Oncology and Medical Physics, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norg...
12/10/16 Read More
High-frequency rTMS applied over the DLPFC may be a potentially useful therapy for CFS patients, ...
12/07/16 Read More
Ampligen became the first drug approved for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) anywhere in the world.
08/29/16 Read More
Jarred Younger talks about nine potential treatments for Gulf War Illness.
04/19/16 Read More
Cort Johnson explores research on new types of opioids to address pain.
04/05/16 Read More
Based on computer models, a study finds Trazodone and LDN might be useful for ME/CFS.
01/19/16 Read More
Cort Johnson reports on the 2014 Sleep Survey which asked people with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS to ...
01/11/16 Read More
Cort Johnson reviews a study that suggests a) FM is a neuro-inflammatory disorder, b) Savella red...
01/02/16 Read More
A new medication in Phase III clinical trials may provide great improvement not only in sleep qua...
12/26/15 Read More
Cort Johnson offers encouraging news about the role of neuroinflammation in FM and ME/CFS patients
11/04/15 Read More
A study shows colostrum MAF be effective for treating infectious diseases and for fatigue.
07/24/15 Read More
Researcher Jarrod Younger is exploring the roles microglial activation and neuroinflammation may ...
07/21/15 Read More
Norwegian researchers believe that ME is a form of autoimmune disease.
06/16/15 Read More