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Do the NAD Precursors NMN and NR Work?

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If all those acronyms are greek to you, get ready for an update on what are among the most promising, off-the-shelf anti-aging supplements.

Let’s start with what is NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), often referred to as “NAD+” to denote the oxidized form of NAD. [1]

NAD is a coenzyme that living things — like us — cannot survive without. It’s critical for everything from energy and metabolism to sleep. Unfortunately, levels of NAD naturally decline as we get older. In experiments with old mice, when their NAD is boosted, they grow denser fur, run longer and faster and develop various biomarkers associated with youthfulness, such as improved (restored) muscle function, enhanced regeneration of the brain and protection against the diabetic effects of high fat diets. [2]

Given that NAD is so important for robust life and that it declines as we age, the natural question is “What can we do to increase NAD+ as we get older?”

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Are you vitamin d deficient?

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