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Improve Your Healthspan With These Four Routines

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Your healthspan is the length of time you’re healthy, not just alive. No one wants to live to be 100 without being able to enjoy life. Which reminds me of a lecture given by world renowned anti-aging geneticist Dr. David Sinclair. He asked the audience for a show of hands by those who wanted to live to 100. Very few raised their hands. Then he tweaked the question a bit:

How many of you would like to reach 100 if you were as healthy as you are now?

Nearly everyone’s hand shot up.

This is because healthspan is what people want, not necessarily a longer lifespan, because a long life bereft of some measure of vitality, autonomy and health isn’t worth it; not for most of us anyway.

The good news is that scientists have shown us what we need to do to increase our healthspan, In other organisms, from yeast to monkeys, they also know how to increase average lifespan as well, but these same interventions (some of which I’ll address below) haven’t been proven to lengthen the overall lifespan of humans.

And for now that’s OK, because increasing healthspan is our focus. Conceptually, it looks like this…

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