Matrix Electrolyte Powder - 100 grams by BioPure

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Support for Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

  • Helps the body maintain a balance of fluids
  • Supports the body’s normal functions
  • Promotes energy, vitality & relaxation


Matrix Electrolyte Powder, by BioPure, helps balance electrolytes to allow both toxins and nutrients to flow in and out of the cells appropriately. There is a huge market today for electrolyte replacement beverages available for athletes and the general public. However, the problem with many sport drinks is that they contain more sugar and sodium than is needed to supplement typical diets.

BioPure offers "EMF" (Enhanced Matrix Formula), an electrolyte supplement that closely matches the natural mineral and salt balance found in the extracellular matrix of our cells. Matrix Electrolyte Powder is specially formulated to support healthy kidney functioning and enhance detoxification. This product supports healthy blood circulation and contains nutrients that support neurotransmitters to the brain.

BioPure's formulation quickly & easily replenishes electrolytes to assist in hydration and a proper pH. This product also assists in the normal functioning of cells and the nervous system to support a healthy balance of electrolytes. BioPure's "EMF" is available here in the form of easily dis-solvable powder; offered in a 100 gram jar with serving scoop for easy measuring.

Health Functions:

  • Helps the body maintain a balance of fluids at proper levels in normal digestive and kidney functions as well as at the intracellular and extracellular level
  • Supports the body’s normal functions, such as cardiovascular health, muscle contractions and brain and nerve function
  • Promotes normal blood (pH)
  • Supports the body’s ability to maintain proper body temperature
  • Promotes energy, vitality and relaxation
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Label Information

Servings per Container: 100 Ingredients: Sodium (as chloride and bicarbonate, potassium (as bicarbonate, chloride & phosphate), phosphorous (as phosphate), magnesium (as chloride & sulfate), bicarbonate (as sodium & potassium), sulfate (as magnesium), chloride (as magnesium, sodium & potassium), Aerosil.
  • Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop (1 gram) with 8oz of water, juice or milk and shake well†. Once mixed, use or keep refrigerated for up to seven days. May also be sprinkled on foods where one would otherwise use salt. One to three servings a day.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Contraindications: You may experience fluid retention on high doses. Drink plenty of water when using this product. Please note that the electrolytes are very hydroscopic (they attract water) and will clump. This is a natural occurrence with this product. You may need to shake it vigorously from time to time to loosen the powder. Also, be sure to keep the cardboard desiccant in the container, because this is what helps the product to remain in a powder form. Furthermore, you should never put a wet spoon or scoop into the powder as this will cause it to clump up even further. Any nutritional supplement should be used according to the directions on the product label, and under the supervision of an authorized healthcare professional, to be sure there are no undesirable interactions with existing medical conditions or other prescribed medications. In the case of BioPure’s fine powder products, including Calcium Bentonite Clay, ZeoBind, MicroSilica, and Enhanced Matrix Formula (Matrix Electrolyte Powder), it is important to note that these powders are meant to be dissolved in liquid and swallowed orally. Care should be taken to avoid inhalation of the powder dust. If inhaled, they are not immediately detrimental to one’s health, but research has shown that long-term inhalation of some powders, such as talc, may cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.
  • Contains No: Added sugar, artificial flavorings, or colorants.