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M.E. and the Future of Medicine

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  • The hidden world of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Chilling tale of our medical system's failures
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Forgotten Plague is a journey into the hidden world of myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome). Ryan Prior's life imploded October 22, 2006 when he was struck down by a disease that dozens of doctors were powerless to diagnose, let alone treat.

Against great odds, Ryan becomes a reporter and ventures to tell the story of his suffering and improbable recovery. He is shocked that millions globally remain sidelined by the same disease, many bedridden for decades. It is a chilling tale of our medical system's failures in addressing many chronic, complex diseases. Yet it is also a riveting story of science’s remarkable ability to transform medicine and improve human life itself.

"A Must See Documentary!" –The Huffington Post

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This is a very sad

This is a very sad documentary. My husband of 50 years was stricken with this horrible sickness about 6 years ago. After 6 years of going to different doctors, tons of medications, most of which did not work we have pretty much given up hope of any help, he is almost bedridden now and can barely make it into the kitchen or livingroom. I saw the article about the DVD and had to order it. It only plays on our computer but we did think it was a very good documentary. I will pass it on to others to watch.

it is a pretty good

it is a pretty good overview of the situation in human terms--good to hear again from Hillary Johnson, and to see those crazy computers working for Gordon Broderick and his collaborators. And to see the simply appalling condition of Ron Davis's son--sure, he is like that just to avoid work and exercise--it really shows the sheer insanity of that view. My one real reservation is the music--why did the makers think that soulful music would strengthen the powerful visual message? For me it was a significant distraction and irritation.



Very informative.

Very informative.

This is very important information.

This is very important information. Everyone should see this documentary. I plan to take it to one of my doctors. Unfortunately. I find some mainstream doctors disinterested. Maybe it is just too shocking and to difficult to treat.

Thank Goodness for this documentary.

Thank Goodness for this documentary. It shows just how it can affect one mildly, moderately, and severely and gives hope for the future with new possible modalities for treatment!