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Discover Your True Biological Age

  • TruMe's DNA Methylation based epigenetic test is the scientifically proven, most accurate method of determining your biological age. 
  • Saliva DNA collection kit allows you to take a sample in less than a minute from the comfort of your home. No lab. No blood. No needles. No Pain.
  • 1 – 2 week results are 3X faster than most other biological age tests.

Discover your true, biological age with the at-home DNA biological TruAge™ Test. Leverage your personalized reports to establish a wellness routine that actually works for you.

Your Health is as unique as your DNA. Your Wellness Routine Should Be, Too.

There is a billion-dollar health and wellness industry full of fad diets and supplements that promise to help you live longer, healthier lives. But how do you truly know if your wellness routine is working for you? Use the at-home DNA biological TruAge™ Epigentic Test!

Provide your saliva sample to determine and monitor changes in your DNA. These changes reveal key details about your genes, lifestyle, and overall health using epigenetics - the scientifically proven, most accurate method of determining your genes' biological age.

4 Benefits of the DNA Biological TruAge™ Test

TruMe's TruAge™ test is the first of its kind, accurate, and easy to use at home! The test’s method was created by our scientists to help their own family, and, now, they’re sharing the test to help yours!

  1. Saliva-Based Test - No Blood, No Needles
  2. Collect Your Sample From the Comfort of Your Own Home
  3. Track How Fast/Slow You are Truly Aging*
  4. Discover Whether or Not Your Health Care Routine is Working

*Possible when you take the test at least twice to compare results. We recommend testing every 6 months.

How The At-home DNA Biological TruAge™ Test Works

STEP ONE: Activate Your TruAge™ Test Kit
Once you receive your at-home DNA biological TruAge™ Test, login or register for an account at to activate your TruAge™ Test Kit.

STEP TWO: Mail in Your Sample
Complete the easy-to-follow instructions provided in your kit to collect your saliva all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Use the provided envelope to mail it back.

STEP THREE: Get Your Results
Your TruAge™ results will be mailed within one to two weeks after your sample is received. Log in to your TruAge™ account to view your plan and progress.

TruAge™ Science

Many studies show that although aging is unavoidable, we can slow down the rate of aging and delay the development of diseases. The first step is to accurately determine how old we are and how fast we are aging. The TruAge epigenetic test uses epigenetics to determine your biological age.

What is Epigenetics?

Genetics tells you what genes you have. More importantly, epigenetics tells you what genes are active.

Epigenetics is the study of how the body adds and removes chemical "tags" to our DNA, to turn specific genes on or off. These tags record events that happen in your life–diseases, lifestyle, diet, environmental conditions.

Epigenetic changes happen way before symptoms of disease appear, and that makes epigenetics the most effective way to predict diseases. As a result, your epigenetic profile is often more important than just your genome because it reflects your ACTUAL state of health and predicts your health's near or mid-term future.

Don't Worry - Your Epigenetics Can Change!

Throughout life, the positioning of epigenetic tags will change to allow for growth, development, and learning. At the same time, these tags can also be influenced by:

Epigenetic Age Test

For instance, certain environmental stresses can cause a cell to adjust its epigenetic tags. As a result, this may help the cell adapt in the short term. However, in the long run, it can contribute to disease and aging.

Fortunately, epigenetic tagging is reversible, and, if we can learn to control it, we will be able to develop novel approaches to improve health and quality of life for all of us.

TruMe's lab compares your results to the "epigenetic clock" in order to determine your biological age. Then, TruMe generates your TruAge Index Report.

In addition, retesting every six months is recommended to see changes in your epigenetic profile.

* Note: This product cannot be shipped to China, Russia or France.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Sheri D.
Very Easy to Use

Was very straightforward, and easy to use. Way better priced than other similar brands. Waiting on results.

Convenient and easy to use Non-Invasive Testing Method at a Low Price

Convenient and easy to use Non-Invasive Testing Method at a Low Price.
It took a total of 3 weeks from mailing out the sample to receiving the results.

Overall, I am very happy with this test, being my first time using this service.

david d.
Physiological age test

Yes, very reasonably priced. Registration was a bit confusing but once straightened out results came back in a timely manner. Very happpy with my results as my biological age showed me as being 17.4 years younger than my chronically age. However when compared with a smart physical scale results were not totally in agreement as physical scale showed a body age of about 1 year older than my chronically age. Not sure how to interpret the differences between the two. A least I have a benchmark to go by for next test.

First timer

Basic but fast. Good first step in bio age journey

Pawel G.
A great way to check true age

I have done my first test in November 2022 and have now repeated it in November 2023. During that year I have put in place a well researched regime to slow down / reverse aging and was positively encouraged when I have seen that 2nd test show significant reversal in biological age

François G.
Quick results

I did my first biological age test and I received the results within two weeks! I live in Canada and I am totally satisfied and will repurchase in six months to see where my biological age is!

Victor S.
make me and my family healthy

good stuff

Charles P.
Great service

Fantastic service, thanks very much.


TruMe Biological Age Test

Maha L.
Easy and clear...

Using the TruMe Biological Age Test has been thus far a good experience... It was easy to use and simple to handle. That matter-of-factness took away any possible resistance to the process.

Frequently asked questions

Collect your sample, register your kit and then mail the sample back.
You can expect to receive your results within 1-2 weeks after submitting the sample.