Zap your Fishbellie in the microwave and use it as a heated neck wrap for head and shoulder relief or as a bed warmer at the end of a long day. Store Fishbellies in the freezer and use to help reduce swelling or for those occasional “hot flashes!”

Cast aside your hot water bottle and bag of frozen peas for good! Soothe body aches and pains with these adorable microwave heating pads / freezer cool packs. Fishbellies make the perfect cheery Get Well Gift for anyone fighting an illness.

  • Guppy Fishbellies are microwaveable corn bags, perfect after a long day.
  • Store Fishbellies in freezer and use to help with hot flashes.
  • Heat Fishbellies in microwave for warmth and relief on muscles, cold feet or crampy body parts. Microwave (no more than 30 seconds). Mix contents occasionally to prevent hot spots.
  • Guppies are 12″ long x 5″ wide. Made with the finest 100% cotton, sturdy and colorful fabrics and filled with extra clean corn.
  • Fishbellies are handmade in the USA. YAY! Coordinating fabric on backside and tail may vary slightly in color/pattern. Front fabric is as shown in photo.

This item is not available for shipping outside the contiguous United States. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Label Information

Warnings and Cautions:

  • Adult supervision required. Do not heat Fishbellie in microwave unattended!
  • Age 6+ Not for babies as contents may get extremely hot!
  • Mix contents occasionally during heating to avoid hot spots.
  • Use only in microwaves with turntable. This distributes heat evenly, preventing damage/hot spots to your Fishbellie.
  • Do not put fishbellies in oven.
  • Do not use Fishbellies on numb body parts as this could cause serious injury to skin.
  • Place Fishbellies in plastic bag when storing in freezer to protect from odors.
  • Suggested Use:

    Microwave no more than 30 seconds. Mix contents occasionally to prevent hot spots.

  • Storage: Store at room temperature or in a cool dry place to prolong the life of your Fishbellie. DO NOT store in extreme heat and humidity due to natural corn contents.
  • Contraindications: Use caution when heating your fishbellies as contents may get extremely hot. Not for use in oven.
  • Other Ingredients: Extra clean corn.