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ProHealth > Store Home > Brain Health Supplements > Hydroxocobalamin Extreme™

Hydroxocobalamin Extreme™ - 5000 mcg, 30 sublingual tablets

#PH167 - Vitamin B12 Hydroxocobalamin Supplements
$29.49 $35.95 SRP
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    Product Rating of 4.06 stars  
    Customer Rating: 4.1 ( 17 ratings )
    ( 9 reviews )      
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    $22.12 SmartSavings Club

    The B-12 your brain needs for detox & sharpness

    • Sharpen brain function with potent nitric oxide detoxification
    • Slow absorption for maximum benefit
    • Relief for those clinically deficient in B-12 leading to impaired energy and cognitive function
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    Boost your brain with this potent component of vitamin B-12- conveniently found in this hydroxocobalamin tablet. Studies have shown that ME/CFS patients present with high levels of nitric oxide and its oxidant product peroxynitrite, which affects brain function and pain sensitivity. Hydroxocobalamin is the most powerful scavenger of nitric oxide. It also helps manufacture the myelin sheath that acts as a protective layer around the brain and helps produce neurotransmitters, which are vital for brain communications.

    Until now, the only way to get this level of hydroxocobalamin therapy was through injection, not a hydroxocobalamin. In fact, many ME/CFS physicians have been using such injections as effective therapy for their patients. And because of its positive effects on the brain, hydroxocobalamin is being used more and more in treatments for neurological disease.

    Write a Review »

    Product Rating of 1.5 stars
    This is a VERY strong B-12 dose and I almost had an allergic reaction to it. I get a 'niacin flush' when there is a lot of niacin in a product and this turned my face beet red for almost 10 hours. It took 3 days for the redness to disappear. I think it is too strong ...[read entire review]

    Product Rating of 5.0 stars
    Great product...has made a significant difference with my energy levels.

    Product Rating of 5.0 stars
    Great stuff

    Product Rating of 5.0 stars
    I have had ME/CFS for fifteen years and this product, which I have been taking for 3 months, has improved my quality of life by at least 30%.I have more energy, and my sleep has improved so much.I live in the UK and it has been such a pleasure to deal with ProHealth and ...[read entire review]

    Product Rating of 5.0 stars
    I love this product, I used to take injections every day, but now I can just take one of these tablets!

    Product Rating of 4.0 stars
    Just started using Hydrozocobalamin Extreme about 45 days ago and can feel the extra energy burst that I was lacking.

    Product Rating of 5.0 stars
    My 17 yr old, daughter has been fighting Lyme disease for 2+ years, this product has been very helpful in alleviating some of the neurological symptoms she has experienced.

    Product Rating of 5.0 stars
    I use this product to prevent hair loss and it has been very helpful.

    Product Rating of 5.0 stars
    Works great for increasing my mental clarity and improving my focus. It also helps with my energy (like ProHealth's B-12 Extreme). The person who formulated those two products may be the greatest genius the world has ever known.


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