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Guaifenesin 600 - 600 mg, 100 tablets

#PH176 - Guaifenesin Tablets
  Expected in stock by, 04/23/14
$54.49 $65.95 SRP
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Product Rating of 4.4 stars  
Customer Rating: 4.4 ( 496 ratings )
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Relieve Chest Congestion, Extended Release Formula

  • Long lasting expectorant
  • Loosens mucus
  • Fibromyalgia protocol
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Long Lasting Relief from Chest Congestion + Quality of Life Improvements for Fibromyalgia Patients

ProHealth's Guaifenesin 600mg uses FDA approved extended release technology for quick and long-lasting respiratory therapy. Guaifenesin helps loosen phlegm and thins bronchial secretions to rid the respiratory passageways of mucus while making coughs more productive. This over-the-counter drug is the primary component of Mucinex® and is a common ingredient of many nonprescription cold and cough remedies. This product provides a dual action tablet that includes an immediate release layer for fast-acting relief and an extended release layer that lasts a full 12 hours.

Guaifenesin and Fibromyalgia

Derived from tree bark extract, Guaifenesin also promotes elimination of excess calcium and phosphates, which is the cornerstone of the Guaifenesin Protocol. Originated by R. Paul St. Amand, the protocol asserts that these factors cause the body to experience energy loss which in turn impacts many bodily functions. While the treatment continues to be evaluated it has been adopted by many patients who report an improved quality of life.

Guaifenesin Mechanism of Action

Guaifenesin works by drawing water into the bronchi - the air passages branching into our lungs. The released water both thins the mucus and lubricates the airway, facilitating the removal of cold and allergy associated mucus from the chest by coughing, and making it easier to breathe.

Guaifenesin is also considered helpful for thinning postnasal drainage from the sinuses and reducing nasal congestion, and so may relieve sinus pressure/ headache. As Dr. Sarah Myhill comments, "Whoever designed the human body needs a black mark for putting in sinuses! They are cavities in the bones of the face with only one entry and exit hole which is easily blocked by catarrh or swollen mucus membranes." When this occurs, less oxygen can enter the sinuses, promoting bacterial overgrowth and causing sinusitis.

Guaifenesin can help to relieve congestion by increasing the clearance of secretions, helping with the mucus membrane's natural job of washing away invading viruses, bacteria, pollen and other potential allergens - "the first level of immune defense."

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma may find guaifenesin's thinning and lubricating action helpful at times when they experience particular difficulty coughing up the thick or sticky mucus that can block damaged airways.

Importantly, whether used to ease the congestion of colds or rhinosinusitis, or to support healthy vocal folds, guaifenesin works best if one drinks plenty of water, as extra fluids increase the flow of water and mucus.

*This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is general and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, condition, or disease. It is very important that you make no change in your healthcare plan or health support regimen without researching and discussing it in collaboration with your professional healthcare team.

This product is not available for shipping to the following countries: Germany

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Product Rating of 5.0 stars

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
still too early to tell whether this will completely reverse all the damage the last 20 years of Fibromyalgia have done, but I do feel a lot better than I was.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
This product has been invaluable. I suffer Fibromyalgia and have now been on the protocol for 1 year and 10 months and this has been a life saver. My pain has reduced to almost nothing.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I take this product to help with mucus and guaifenesin is not available as a prescription medication. I find it very helpful in controlling my problem, associated with allergies.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
Also important for allrgy use in thinning mucus for people with chronic allergy problems. I use for fibromyalgia and my spouse uses for bad allergy and bronchial issues. Highly recommend this product! The fast acting does not do the same job as we are active working ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 2.5 stars
I believe that this product may be helpful in relieving fibro symptoms. I have been following a regimen which requires I take aspirin and other plant products out of my medications, soap, skin lotions, etc.. Especially initially on this regimen, I felt that my fibromy ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I have been taking these tablets for just over four years now and this treatment (Dr St Amand's guaifenesin protocol)is the only one of many tried that has been effective in systematically reversing all my symptoms of ME/Fibromyalgia. Energy and painfree days have kept ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I am on Dr. St. Amand's guaifenesin protocol and take it for fibromyalgia, cfs, etc. This stuff works. I lost almost 10 years of my life to fibro and chronic fatigue. Guaifenesin pulls out the excess phosphates that fibromyalics have. ProHealth delivers quickly, ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I am on this product for the rest of my life, so am happy to find a good price and the smart savings program you offer.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I can't carry on without it. If I forget a dose, I know it by the next day. I also know when I've come in contact with salycilates, because the same thing happens. Fibromyalgia's muscle spasms are unforgiving. Thank heavens for Dr. St.Amand and thank heavens for quaifen ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
It keeps my pain to a minimum and I haven't had any flare up episodes

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I take this as part of Dr. St. Amand's Guaifenesin protocol, and it is immensely helpful. I have been on the protocol for 7 years and highly recommend the use of this product.

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
Guai is promoted as a long term cure for FMS. It is supposed to purge sulphates out of the muscles. All I can say is that all the many lumps in my muscles have gradually gone over the past 18 months since I started and I have less pain, sleep better and feel I am makin ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I have had severe, disabling FMS for 7 years, tried EVERYTHING out there from herbal, holistic, homeopathic, medicatioins, seen every kind of "specialist", and after a year and a half on guai I can honestly say it's the ONLY THING that has helped me. I am getting my lif ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
This product keeps my sinus and allergies in check. Drainage has stop and chest is clear. It is better then anything I've ever used.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
This has been a godsend! I have had severe arthritis and have further been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For years, my mobility was extremely limited. After taking Guaifenisen for just a short period, I awoke after a night of good sleep to find that I had actually mov ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I started on the Guai protocol in 1996. It takes a few months to get the full benefit to kick in. You will feel worse before you feel better so don't give up on it!! I now have my life back! I can work and enjoy activities again! Now that it is offered over the coun ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
Excellent product. This is the real deal for chronic sinusitus sufferers!

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I have used this due to chronic sinus problems. It works well and is much cheaper than what I got in the retail pharmacies.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
This product has helped me to be almost pain free for many months. It does take several weeks at least to build up enough to be effective but the benefits are well worth the wait! I wouldn't go without this product ever again!

I can honestly say that I am a different person after 18 mo. on guaifenesen. I now have a normal life again. I have told others I know about it and they are also feeling much better.

This product is a management tool. It is based on an unprovn theory. A double blind study proved it ineffective yet many are helped for unknown reasons. It takes many years to get well and the cure can be wrose than the disease. The support group are lay people with lim ...[read entire review]

I had overnight, immediate dramatic improvement in my ability to breathe. I tried one tablet at night. The next morning the change was so dramatic that the new ability to beathe all the way to the bottom of my lungs was the first thing that I noticed. My energy level ...[read entire review]

I have only been using Guaifenesin 600 for a little over a year but I have already seen improvements in my overall health, energy, stamina, and mental capacities. I have even had four wonderful days of feeling "normal!" I am looking forward to steady and permanant impro ...[read entire review]

I started on Guaifenesin 2 years ago and I am so thankful to be able to get it from Pro Health, Inc. It took about 2 months to feel better and to be without constant pain. Thank you again for making this product more affordable than my local pharmacy.

This product has changed my life! For 20 years doctors have never found the cause and after 3 months of taking Guaifenesin my health has improved greatly! As a bonus I have lost 1-2 pounds a week which is wonderful since I have been obese most of my life. It was a littl ...[read entire review]

I recommend this product. Since I started taking this product I have regained my energy level and improved my sleeping without a sleep aid.

I've been struggling to find generic guaifenesin recently, since it's being forced off the market by Adams - maker of Mucinex. I've had some refills from different manufacturers that just did not seem to be as effective than the previous type I've been on for years. I ...[read entire review]

I take two AM, two PM ... I find my lung mucous looser and lessened, and I find my symptoms lessened.

Guai helped reduce my pain. I no longer need any narceutics painkillers!

I am on the guaifenesin treatment and have been on it for the last six months. I can say that I am better than I was six months ago.


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