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B-12 Extreme™ by ProHealth - 35 mg, 30 sublingual tablets

#PH314 - Sublingual Vitamin B12 Pill - By ProHealth
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Product Rating of 3.65 stars  
54 ratings
31 reviews  |  Write a Review
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The Most Potent Vitamin B-12 on Earth*

  • For mental acuity, energy, liver support, and detoxification*
  • Provides all four forms of B-12*
  • Includes the only two biologically active forms of B-12 *
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Knowing that research is the key to finding cures for chronic, debilitating diseases, ProHealth has raised and donated more than $3.5 million to organizations researching fibromyalgia, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other conditions.

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ProHealth's founder, Rich Carson, set out to develop the most potent sublingual B-12 supplement on the market - and that he did! B-12 Extreme contains the world's most potent single dose of all four forms of B-12 on the market, including the only two biologically active forms in humans - methylcobalamin and dibencozide. Low blood levels of vitamin B-12 are frequently associated with fatigue and malaise. Hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin have also recently gained attention from leading CFS and FM researchers and doctors.

MENTAL ACUITY - Methylcobalamin 12,500 mcg
Methylcobalamin, perhaps the most important and potent of the essential cobalamins, plays a vital part in cell growth. Particularly important for your central nervous system, it helps promote healthy homocysteine levels and helps increase the brain's focus and clarity, and the spinal cord's function.

ENERGY - Dibencozide 12,500 mcg
Dibencozide- also known as Adensylcobalamin- metabolizes essential fatty acids to produce more energy. As a biologically active form of B-12, this sublingual B-12 reacts with cells to provide muscles and nerves with bursts of energy.

LIVER SUPPORT - Cyanocobalamin 7,500 mcg
Cyanocobalamin, the most common of the cobalamins, becomes active in your liver, creating enzymes to help the body with blood formation, cell reproduction, iron utilization, and tissue synthesis, while aiding the digestion and absorption of foods.

DETOXIFICATION - Hydroxocobalamin 2,500 mcg
Hydroxocobalamin, one of the three essential cobalamins that make up the vitamin B-12 complex, helps support overall detoxification. Contained in ProHealth's sublingual B12 supplement, it also assists with methylation and energy production.
* Dissolves under your tongue for maximum absorption.

Read more about B-12 Extreme™ in "The Brain Boosting and Fatigue Fighting B-12 "

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

Write a Review

Product Rating of 1.5 stars
I purchased this product to possibly help with fibromyalgia and energy. I have not noticed any difference.

Product Rating of 0.5 stars
Sorry. Didn't make me feel any better.

Product Rating of 1.5 stars
Been taking it for a few days and still no energy. I sure hope something gives soon cause the benefits look so amazing

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I have used B-12 products in the past but had run out just as I received your info about the 4 forms included in this supplement. So I ordered this. First day very quickly I felt a big increase in energy. I have continued to feel A LOT BETTER!

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
This product has helped with my chronic fatique immensely. I will definetly purchase more.

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
I used this product for UC. I felt better on it. Wished the tablets dissolved faster.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I used to be tired all of the time.Now I take this every evening when I get home and I find the energy to get some things done- without the jitters!

Product Rating of 2.5 stars
Takes too long to dissolve.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
B-12 Extreme is an excellent product. I was previously on injectable B-12 and this does the job without any pokes. I also like that you get different forms of B-12 with this product instead of just one.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
This product is effective. It provided healing of neurological symptoms above and beyond B12 injections and the neuro B12 or methycobalamin.

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
Seems to be helping, although doing other supplements that might be responsible for improvement.

Product Rating of 2.5 stars
Is easy to take - it just dissolves under the tongue. Have taken for 2 weeks but so far no benefits have been noticed. It is an expensive product so will need to prove itself it the next 2 weeks for me to consider purchasing again. Service by Pro Health was excellent a ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
This is an excellent product. Helped me tremendously with a 12 hour drive.

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
Neuropathy in feet. Appears to be helping more than cyanocobalamine alone. Quite hopeful results thus far.

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
I have huge needs for B12 due to several MTRR mutations. This product allows me to get my needed 75 mgs/day in the easiest way possible with a formula I can tolerate. Truly the highest dose around!

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
I used to take shots, so this is so much more convenlient.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
At my doctor's direction, B-12 Extreme in conjuction with other supplements has increased my energy levels and helped with loss of focus. I'm not as easily distracted from my tasks as I was before starting this regimine.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
It picks me up when I'm wiped out

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I am a generally healthy person but I thought my tendency to fade in the late afternoon and evening was simply due to my age (I'm 53). However, after trying B-12 Extreme, I have more energy all day long. I had also had previous blood tests that indicated low liver funct ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
I really liked this product and would continue taking it if it was more affordable.

Product Rating of 1.5 stars
I did not notice any benefit when taking this product.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I am thrilled with the pick up in energy B-12 Extreme consistently gives me. Also very good for my cognitive function. I take it in the morning along with SAMe, and sometimes add Hydroxocobalamin Extreme which seems to supercharge the whole thing. The red color is ca ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
Initially I was prescribed vit B12 injections but they were extremely painful so I gained no benefit from them. On taking these tablets, not only do I have no pain but I can see the benefit in my body at the growth and strength of my hair and nails.

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I have to take B shots, and get tired of the needles. I have found I can supplement with the B12 Extreme, which makes me feel better, and reduce the shots I take!!! It's a great product! Helps give me energy to function during the day. And I have given it as gifts t ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
B 12 SUPER PACK IS VERY HELPFULwould not wish to be with out it . thea schlosser

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
I would always be so tired by 2PM. now awake and alert all day. Still take a break and relax doing the day. I'm nearing 79 and have COPD. I think it has done wonders for me. Marge-AZ

Product Rating of 4.0 stars
The first day taking this I tried the whole tablet and found it to be over-stimulating for me. (fibromyalgia) I'm cutting the pill in half now and taking 1/2 tablet each morning. Along with my multi-vitamin I think I have more sustained energy. AH

Product Rating of 5.0 stars

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
I suffer a rare abnormality (low Transcobalamin II levels) which prevents B12 from passing into cell tissue. My symptoms were early cognitive deterioration. While I have improved greatly with B12 shots, I just began to use B12 Extreme and am improving even more. Seve ...[read entire review]

Product Rating of 5.0 stars
It was surprising that on the first day of taking this, I had more energy than I had in years and not a "crash and burn" type of energy - just a consistent feeling of well-being. I also am able to think more clearly which is something I've had a problem with and not bei ...[read entire review]


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