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Dr. Paul Cheney, MD, PhD, a pioneer but still at the forefront of ME/CFS research

  [ 21 votes ]   [ 6 Comments ] • January 21, 2008

Dr. Paul Cheney, MD, PhD, is Medical Director of the Cheney CLinic in Asheville, North Carolina. For more than 20 years, Dr. Cheney has been an internationally recognized authority on the subject of ME/CFS. He was a founding Director of the American Association of CFS (now the International Association for CFS/ME).

Dr. Cheney holds a PhD in physics from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and is a graduate of Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, where he also completed his internal medicine residency.

He is a board certified internist, and since 1990 has headed the Cheney Clinic. Dr. Cheney has been interested in many aspects of ME/CFS, and is author or co-author of numerous publications and scientific presentations in a range of fields relevant to the illness.

Most recently, following a successful heart transplant in 2003, Dr. Cheney has been engaged in investigating the cardiac function of CFS patients, using Impedance Cardiography and Doppler Echocardiography. According to his paper presented at the 2007 IACFS/ME conference, "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients exhibit evidence of diastolic dysfunction at a level well above that reported for control populations of the same age. Energy dependent diastolic dysfunction would appear to be a hallmark of CFS and supports the hypothesis that CFS is a syndrome of cellular energy deficiency."

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I wish he had published more
Posted by: quayman
Jan 21, 2008
It's a pity he hasn't published more. His last pubmed entry was for 1997. Hopefully he will publish that study from the conference last year.
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Posted by: DiamonDie
Jan 29, 2008
Unfortunately it is very difficult to publish studies on CFS/ME - there is still a lot of stigma and prejudice. Some medical journals don't accept _any_ papers regarding this illness, others only accept papers relying on the psychosomatic theory and while there are some open-minded journals, it is very hard to get through with "new" findings that may disagree with traditional concepts.

Many CFS/ME doctors and researchers have only been able to publish in less well known journals, many of which don't even appear on PubMed (such as Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain).


Dr Paul Cheney research
Posted by: ganno
Aug 9, 2008
Like yourself I have been impressed with Dr Cheney's work, however whilst his diastolic defect theory is thought provoking, I would like a scientist anywhere in the world to explain the concept of Post - exertion ( 24 - 72 hr) delayed fatigue as this is where the solution to the disease is. Having had this disease and being in remission for 10 yrs (worked in the medical field ) then relapsing for past 18 months, I firmly believe The Post-exertional fatigue that occurs in CFS does not occur in the same form in any other disorders and is the defining point of the disease along with Post-exertional SPECT changes. It a shame that apart from Jay Goldstein who looked at Cerebral SPECT Scan after exercise, mainstream Cardio's dont look at Cardiac and systemic blood flow parameters 24 - 72 hrs post - exertion in CFS, b/c if they did they would probably find a low level encephalopathy (Dr Goldstein ), diastolic defects ( as found by Dr Cheney ) and myopathies. My gut feel is the cardiac defects Dr Cheney finds are in a skewed population of very severe pts this is an end result of the disease. I think the primary source of the disease starts in the brain itself.


Dr. Paul Cheney
Posted by: lucybelle18
May 4, 2008
Over 15 years ago, I was treated by Dr. Paul Cheney, who charged me several hundred dollars. The amount that he charged me was not by the hour, but was based on a five-minute increment. What kind of doctor does that? A doctor who wants to take advantage of people, like me, who was (and is) suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. June
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Dr. Paul Cheney
Posted by: cfs/mepatient
Jan 31, 2011
Anyone who have the financial resources, I recommend him as the best. The person (lucybelle18) who commented regarding his charges was lucky. I was charges several thousands instead of several "hundreds"; but was the best money ever invested., He took all the time necessary to explain every single aspect of my treatment and every single mechanism of action on every single process in my body being affected by the treatment. Umfortunately, I'm now on dissability and the finances don't allow me to continue to have him as my doctor.
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CFS Stymied Research and Consensus
Posted by: vital1
Dec 10, 2014
It is gross negligence at this point, after all these years of investigation and documentation, that so many CFS patients are still going untreated, or have to pay exhorbitant fees out of their own pocket to be accurately diagnosed and treated. What will it take to wake everyone up? And by this I mean insurance companies, the government, employers, and of course the disbelieving medical community... For this completely dishonorable disservice to continue being committed against CFS patients is an outrageous crime!
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