Adaptogen Supplements

ProHealth's Adaptogen supplements help your body manage and adapt to stress by balancing your immune system, metabolism and hormones.

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Adaptogen Supplements

Looking to buy adaptogen supplements? Shop our selection of the best adaptogenic supplements in the marketplace, available as powder formulas, capsules, or oils. The beauty of adaptogens and adaptogen supplement blend products is how they help your body manage and adapt to stress by balancing your immune system, metabolism, and hormonal systems. Adaptogenic herbs can be especially useful if you’re struggling with persistent stress. Ashwagandha adaptogen powder supplements, for example, are an incredible medicinal herbal extract product that offers many additional benefits, such as improving brain function and memory.

Another interesting adaptogen supplement we carry is Ultra Energy Liposomal Adaptogenic Blend. This supplement harnesses the dynamic power of the Sun Horse Energy adaptogens to the penetrating lipid carriers of Quicksilver Delivery Systems. Quicksilver's Dr. Christopher Shade Ph.D. and master herbalist Dan Moriarty of Sun Horse Energy collaborated to enhance the power of adaptogens.

Paired with the therapeutic and penetrating liposomes of Quicksilver Delivery Systems™, the 14  adaptogenic herbs of Sun Horse Energy create a universal formula that may support adrenal gland function, and then spreads its action through the entire body. It is gentle enough for everyday use.

You'll also discover our exclusive Optimized Curcumin Longvida Brain & Focus supplement. We have combined two clinically tested ingredients (curcumin Longvida® and Bacognize® bacopa monnieri) to create a supplement to protect your brain as well as support improved cognitive function. Explore our selection of adaptogen capsules, powders and oils here on this page, and shop today.