ProHealth Inc. NMN Price Match Policy

It is our goal at ProHealth to not only provide the highest quality NMN supplements, but to provide value so our customers have a sense of satisfaction that they paid the right price for their products.  For this reason, we will match the pricing of any legitimate competitor for a comparable product.

Guidelines and Limitations:

  • Due to the large number of companies that sell NMN products with fake lab tests that contain little or no NMN, the competitor product must be from one of the following companies: Genex, Double Wood, Toniiq, Infinite Age, Jarrow, Maac10, DoNotAge, Renue by Science, and Schwartz.  For details on why other companies did not qualify, see the 2022 Chromadex Study, Consumer Labs report, Medium Report and Dr. Stanfield Video at the following links:

    1) Chromadex Study

    2) Report

    3) Dr. Stanfield Video

  • The matching product must have the same mg per ingredient, serving size, delivery method (ie; capsule, tablet, lozenge, powder) and servings per container.

  • Subscribe and save, coupon, doorbuster, lightning sale, bundled item, VIP or other club/ group, and similar promotional pricing is excluded from price matching.

  • Limited time offers found on clearance, closeout, liquidation, or coupon sites are excluded from price matching.

  • Image or link to competitor product must be presented at time of purchase.

  • Price matching post purchase of your ProHealth product is valid for 14 days from date of purchase. If validated, a refund will be issued to your account for the difference in price.

  • The price match item must be currently in stock both on the ProHealth website and the competitor’s website.

  • Price match cannot be combined with current or prior ProHealth coupons, discounts, or specials.

  • ProHealth reserves the right to limit price match purchase quantities per customer.

  • ProHealth has the final decision if a product is comparable and thus qualifies for price matching.

Please email the ProHealth customer service team for price match requests and include the images or link of the competitor product.

For questions regarding this policy, please call: 800-366-6056 or 805-564-3064