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Why is NMN important?

Why is NMN important?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a derivative of the B-vitamin niacin that dramatically improves health and longevity by serving as a precursor to NAD+, a compound that plays a crucial role in energy production, metabolism, and gene expression in the body.

NMN supplements work by replenishing diminished NAD+ levels, which naturally fall at a rate of about 1% per year. A 50-year-old person, for example, has about half of the NAD+ they had in their youth.

Why is NAD+ important? Because NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells, and is required for all of the body’s fundamental biological processes. It's so essential for life that you'd die immediately without NAD+. And as NAD+ levels fall cells become prone to epigenetic damage that can lead to a long list of age related diseases.

NAD+ helps transfer energy from fatty acids and glucose to the mitochondria (the power plants of our cells), which converts them to ATP (cellular energy). Since the mitochondria are the energy producers for virtually every cell in the body, improving the function of the mitochondria can have wide-ranging health benefits — including improved energy.

NMN increases NAD+ which supports:

NMN increases NAD+ which supports


The "Miracle Molecule"

Now for the first time in history, the possibility of extending your life is within reach. NMN, the crucial molecule that has enabled longevity researchers to routinely increase the lifespan of laboratory animals, is finally available for human supplementation. Consider the following:

  • Researchers have found that NMN helps boost energy metabolism, improves mitochondrial function, reverses vascular aging, protects brain cells, improves insulin sensitivity, repairs damaged DNA and extends lifespan in aging animals from 10% to 40%.
  • A 2020 study found that low-dose supplementation with NMN was able to restore fertility in aging female mice.
  • NAD+ directly activates sirtuins, the proteins in your body that regulate cellular health, inflammation and gene repair.
  • NAD+ enables energy from the foods you eat to be transferred to the cells throughout your body, promoting youthful vitality.
  • Scientists have found that NAD+ also helps to "turn off" the genes that accelerate the aging process.
  • NAD+ powers over 450 enzymes throughout the body. Without NAD+, scientists say a person cannot live more than 60 seconds.


Time Magazine

"NAD+ is the closest we've gotten to a fountain of youth."
- David Sinclair

Time Magazine

Harvard Medical School

"Could reversing the aging of blood vessels hold the key to restoring youthful vitality? The answer appears to be yes."

Harvard Medical School

The Joe Rogan Experience

"Aging should absolutely be classified as a disease that we can treat."
– David Sinclair

The Joe Rogan Experience

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