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Rich Carson
ProHealth Founder Rich Carson

The story of ProHealth Longevity is the story of its founder, Rich Carson. He was an energetic and ambitious young man with a promising future. Then one morning he woke up feeling like the had the flu; only this flu didn't go away. He would eventually be diagnosed with the devastating neuroimmune disease known as ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome).

It was his quest for answers to improve his own health that led Rich to start ProHealth in 1988. He wanted to give other patients, who were suffering with similar illnesses, access to the supplements that had proved most beneficial to him and others with similar chronic illnesses. It was Rich's heart for patients that led to ProHealth’s motto “Commerce with Compassion.” Since its founding, ProHealth has donated almost $5,000,000 for medical research and patient advocacy for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease.

From the very beginning, Rich insisted that he would only offer the purest, highest quality supplements available. As a result, ProHealth soon became one of the most trusted brands in the supplement industry. In fact, ProHealth is currently celebrating 35 consecutive years as a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company.


Longevity Offers Hope

After more than 30 years of serving the patient communities, ProHealth expanded its mission to the field of longevity. Rich sees longevity as a natural extension of ProHealth’s work with chronically ill patients. He explains his motivation for launching ProHealth Longevity:

"One of the primary reasons I started ProHealth Longevity was to solve my own problem  -  I was on track to living a generally dissatisfying life. You see, I became disabled 'for life' about a year after I graduated from college. The year was 1981, and I had just earned a degree with four years of Biology/PreMed under my belt along with a degree in Communications.

"The sudden onset of my neuroimmune disease simply shredded the script for my life. Was life worth living as a disabled, suffering person? The question at times seemed like a good one.

"I'm 63 years old now and I, along with other patients, have been shown the 'truth' about our disease - not by a doctor or medical researcher - but by a man who Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, considers to be the most accurate predictor of future technology: the 'super genius' Raymond Kurzweil.

"Raymond is a brilliant mathematician, inventor, philosopher, and futurist. He is known especially for his rule describing 'the accelerating nature of technology.' His description of how this rule works is simple and easy to understand: the rule states that the power of technology and the information of the world doubles roughly every year.

"This is such an important concept for us to understand, so let me illustrate how it works. Raymond says that technology (and the information it generates) will continue to grow exponentially. A doubling of anything on a year by year basis constitutes what’s called 'exponential growth.' For example, if you double it for 10 years, you will end with about 1,000 times the technology/information you started with at the beginning of year one. Do it again for another 10 years, and you’ve got a million times the technology/information that you did when you started. Bring it out for yet another 10 years and your technology/information is one billion times more powerful than it was just 30 years earlier. That’s huge! And it has massive consequences.

"If you give this 'accelerating nature of technology' some thought, you can see it predicts that it’s only a matter of time before Mankind, with all of our amazing technology, will have figured out how to extend a person’s healthspan and lifespan to almost the end of time. And it will happen sooner rather than later. Dr. Kurzweil predicts that mankind will have discovered the secrets to immortality by about 2035 - a little over a decade from now.

"So based on this, my gut tells me that my disease will easily be conquered within the next 10 years. This, more than anything, should encourage patients everywhere that there will come a time in the not too distant future when our disease(s) will be cured by advanced technology. And when that happens, you will likely be in a position to take advantage of anti-aging/ longevity technologies that will be able to extend your lifespan greatly - double it, triple it, why not more? And remember that you won’t be living years as a sick, disabled patient, or even as a tired, broken down old person; your body will be rejuvenated by anti-aging molecules - possibly NMN, Nicotinamide Riboside and others - and you will live in a body whose health is very much of your choosing.

"This is where I get to my philosophy of living long enough to see the end of my chronic illness, which should occur close to the time when I will likely be able to utilize longevity measures that can extend my life for many more years. I know it may sound crazy, but self-driving cars were a crazy dream just a few years ago, too.

"Since I was sick and disabled for 39 of those years, then it would be easy to see how living another 39 years after that in a state of superb health could help 'average' out those bad years. It’s the only way that I can see how to live a really good, really satisfying life - by living long enough to get well using advanced technology - and then extend my life many, many more decades so that I can make up for my years of disability. I hope you can see the beauty of this philosophy and that you can make it your own."


Supplements Backed by Science

ProHealth Longevity believes that science-backed supplementation is an important part of that longevity goal. Our products are guided by science. We’re on the forefront of scientific research, always exploring the latest studies to discover what the body needs to better function as we age, and that’s what we offer you.

In addition to supplements, ProHealth Longevity provides you with breaking news in longevity and anti-aging research from around the globe on our website and in our Longevity Today newsletter.

The bottom line is that to prolong a healthy, vibrant life, you need reliable information and supplements that work. We want to encourage you to live longer and live stronger by empowering yourself with the information and supplements that can make it happen. ProHealth Longevity is here to help you realize that goal.

Rich Carson