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Apigenin: A Spectrum of Health Benefits 

Apigenin: A Spectrum of Health Benefits 

Reviewed By: Emily Parsell, RDN 

ProHealth Longevity’s Full Spectrum Apigenin is a powerful flavonoid that helps fight signs of aging and supports numerous aspects of health over the age of 40. 

What is Apigenin

Apigenin is a type of flavonoid that provides powerful antioxidant properties. It's found in a variety of plants with some of the richest sources found in artichokes, chamomile, celery, parsley and oregano. 

Why You Need Apigenin

As you age, levels of NAD+, a key nutrient in the body, naturally decline at a rate of 1% per year. This means, by age 50, you have nearly 40-50% less NAD+ levels in the body. Reduced NAD+ levels lead to a variety of age-related health concerns such as impaired heart health, reduced energy and lowered brain function.  

Additionally, inflammation, often from unhealthy lifestyle factors, triggers the production of the enzyme CD38, which suppresses NAD+ levels. This further accelerates premature aging and age-related health concerns.  

Apigenin is proven to help interfere with these processes to support overall health and longevity. 


Organic Parsley

ProHealth’s Full Spectrum Apigenin: What’s Inside Matters

A unique formulation using the highest-quality ingredients.

500 mg Natural Apigenin. Always natural, never synthetic. Compared to the majority of apigenin products on the market that contain a synthetic version, ProHealth's Full Spectrum Apigenin contains natural apigenin for the purest form.

700 mg Organic Parsley Powder. Highest-quality source for superior quality. The majority of apigenin products contain lower-quality sources, such as celery. Full Spectrum Apigenin contains organic parsley to provide the highest-quality source of apigenin. 

7 mg Piperine. Added to enhance absorption. Piperine was added to enhance absorption which translates to better benefits. 

Full Spectrum. Full range of flavonoids. Additionally, while the isolated form of apigenin is the most common, it only provides 1-2 health benefits. Full spectrum means the entire plant and the full range of flavonoids were incorporated for superior quality and to support the needs of those over 40. 

Benefits of Full-Spectrum Apigenin 

Research supports the use of apigenin to tackle numerous aspects of health over the age of 40 to help you live a longer, better life. 

Supports Longevity.  Apigenin has been shown to inhibit CD38, a harmful enzyme that decreases NAD+ production. Inhibition of CD38 helps keep NAD+ levels stable to support healthy aging processes and reduce the risk of premature aging.  

Provides Antioxidant Benefits. The aging process and risk of age-related health issues can be accelerated by free radicals. Antioxidants are a way to help curb free-radical activity. Apigenin’s antioxidant properties have been proven to fight free-radical damage, tackle oxidative stress, reduce signs of premature aging and reduce the risk of age-related health concerns. 

Promotes Heart Health. Aging can cause changes to heart function and blood vessels. In fact, adults over the age of 65 are more likely to suffer from a heart event compared to younger people. The most common sign of heart health aging is a change to the arteries, which can become stiff, harden and fill with fat deposits leading to high blood pressure.  Apigenin can help decrease certain heart health blood markers, reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

Enhances Sleep Quality. Poor sleep quality is associated with accelerated aging. Research indicates that apigenin has a positive effect on sleep. 

Supports Brain Health. With aging comes symptoms of brain decline such as impaired memory. Apigenin helps protect the brain from damage caused by oxidative stress, which can lead to a decline in cognitive function. Apigenin may increase cognitive function, improve memory formation and enhance overall mental clarity. 

Supports Mood: Studies have shown that apigenin can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, resulting in improved mood.    

The ProHealth Advantage

Research-Supported Products. Every ingredient is added in a dose that’s supported by clinical research.

Quality-Manufacturing Practices. USA, FDA-registered, GMP-certified manufacturing facilities and practices for all products.

Third-Party Tested. Third-party testing in the USA to ensure purity and potency. Certificates of Analysis are available on our website.

A+ Better Business Bureau. 35-year-trusted reputation for excellence. We guarantee the highest quality, purity and potency of every product we offer.

75-Day Money Back Guarantee. Try our products for 75 days, and if you’re unsatisfied, return for a 100% full refund.

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