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How can you restore your energy reserves?

How can you restore your energy reserves?

Stress … lack of sleep … busyness … they can all sap our energy. During an interview on Fox-TV show, Daytime with Kimberly and Esteban, alternative medicine expert and author Bryce Wylde explained that improving your energy starts at the cellular level. 

Wylde continued, “My secret of the day is called NMN … ProHealth Longevity … it’s a supplement I’ve taken for a long time.” He explained that reliable research has been done on NMN’s ability to not just produce real energy (you’ll feel the boost) as well as its potential to help slow the aging process.  

“This is a science fact, by the way,” stressed Wylde. He praised ProHealth.com as a great place to research products before you buy them. “You’ve first got to educate yourself.”  

NMN is a natural metabolite of vitamin B3 and a precursor to NAD+ which supports myriad functions essential to health and healthy aging. NAD+ levels decline in human tissue by at least 50 percent between the ages of 40 and 60. Taking NMN boosts natural NAD+ production and provides the body with energy for gene repair and stimulation.   

Scientific work on resveratrol, NR and now NMN has resulted in the fastest and most significant growth in NMN sales, both direct to consumer and on Amazon. But be cautious about buying NMN from those websites because there are many instances of fake or adulterated NMN being sold.

ProHealth Longevity is a proven consumer advocate. By choosing Uthever NMN, you are guaranteed a stable, authentic, pure and safe product consumers can trust.

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