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Not sure why your energy has declined?

Not sure why your energy has declined?

How are your energy levels these days? Can you pretty much predict that you’ll have a 2:00 energy slump? Appearing on ABC-TV’s Afternoon Live (KATU, Portland Oregon), alternative health expert Bryce Wylde says a nap no longer than 10 minutes may resent your circadian rhythm. But for real sustainable energy, he recommends refueling your energy-making cells with ProHealth Longevity’s Uthever NMN. 


He told the audience that ProHealth Longevity’s Uthever NMN is, “a science-backed healthy aging supplement” and that it is appropriate for “those with an active lifestyle who want more energy.” He explained that our cells’ mitochondria produce the currency of energy. “And you’ll have a lot more of that to spend during the day if you supplement with ProHealth Longevity NMN.” 

A multi-center, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study on Uthever NMN, involving 66 healthy male or female subjects, middle-aged or older, recently confirmed the product’s safety as well as its ability to influence NAD+ boosting metabolism and its ability to boost energy and increase endurance. 


Stress may also rob you of sleep and energy. Wylde added that NMN helps to manage circadian rhythm (the balance between your day and night cycles) which may improve sleep and help you better cope with stress. 


Wylde asked, “Who doesn’t want more energy? And who doesn’t want to age slower?”  

There are numerous fake and adulterated NMN products being sold on Amazon. To ensure you are taking the highest quality, safe NMN, always choose Uthever

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