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How to naturally maintain your energy in hot weather

How to naturally maintain your energy in hot weather

Hot summer temperatures can drain your energy. Before you reach for your favorite iced mocha latte, consider this: functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde says we’re not fueling our bodies the right way. While caffeine may activate your nerves, he explained to ABC’s SA Live audience: “Feeling stimulated is not really energy.” Instead, one of his energy solutions is ProHealth Longevity NMN. 

During this TV interview, Wylde told the San Antonio viewers that we need to focus on our cells’ mitochondria. “They make the real currency of energy, called ATP. And we need to make more ATP to feel energy all day long.” 

Wyle suggested fueling your cells’ energy production by consuming the right macronutrients, especially ginger and beets. You may also want to increase your consumption of the micronutrient, NMN. “It’s a little scoop of powder that you take once a day,” he explained. “ProHealth Longevity NMN is a science-backed, healthy aging supplement for those with an active lifestyle who want more of this energy.” 

Among his other tips: 

  • Set yourself up for an energetic day by finding a cool place to work out in the morning. Science shows that exercising later in the day not only increases your body temperature but may interfere with your ability to get deep, restful sleep at night. “Do some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT work). That’s you against gravity,” Wylde recommended. 
  • Hydrate yourself with a liter of water. Mix in the juice of half a lemon, a pinch of salt and about a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses for your homemade version of a sports drink. 

We were excited when Wylde recommended that viewers go to this website to research products including NMN before they buy. “It’s an amazing place to go,” he exclaimed. 

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