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Top doc tells NBC-TV viewers about NMN for healthy aging

Top doc tells NBC-TV viewers about NMN for healthy aging

Jennifer Pearlman, MD, CCFP, NCMP, FAARM, ABAARM, is an internationally recognized healthy aging expert. She is such a big believer in ProHealth Longevity’s Uthever NMN that she joined the ProHealth Longevity Scientific Advisory Board earlier this year. In this NBC-TV interview, she explained to Florida viewers why NMN is such a powerful healthy aging supplement for potentially future-proofing your health. 

“Over 200 longevity genes have been discovered. We know that less than 10% of our aging is hard wired in our DNA,” she said, explaining that how well we age is highly modifiable by such things as a nutrient-rich longevity diet. We also want to avoid stress and poor sleep, which may accelerate aging by draining our cells’ batteries, the mitochondria. 

She strongly recommends NMN supplements because of their promising results in the lab for extending healthspan and lifespan. She also suggests the following lifestyle changes:

Balance your hormones: The over 200 hormones in our body, including sex hormones and insulin, play crucial roles in our health and aging. Maintaining their balance can alleviate symptoms like sleep disruptions and mood changes and diminish disease risk.

Eat like the Okinawans: A plant-based, whole food diet devoid of processed additives, similar to that of the long-living Okinawans, is considered beneficial for longevity.

Exercise outdoors: Outdoor physical activities can help combat depression and enhance memory. Weighted resistance training is essential to retain bone and muscle mass, countering frailty.

Sun protection is crucial: Starting from their thirties, women begin to notice sun-induced aging signs, including wrinkles and sunspots. This leads to the "prejuvenation" approach, wherein women opt for preventative treatments like Botox to ward off expression lines, maintaining a youthful appearance.

Begin preventative treatments early: Between the ages of 40 and 50, women experience an accelerated aging rate due to a decline in ovarian hormone function. Addressing these changes through hormone balancing during menopause can alleviate symptoms like hot flashes and sleep issues. It also lowers the risk of many age-related conditions like bone loss and impaired heart health. A tailored approach, considering individual health histories and goals under expert guidance, is essential.

Your genetics aren’t set in stone: While genetic predispositions exist, they don’t dictate our health outcomes. "Epigenetics" delves into how genes and the environment influence health. Genetic testing can identify potential risks, enabling a tailored lifestyle plan for optimal health and wellbeing.

TV audiences also learned that Pearlman uses a multi-layered approach to healthy aging, including supplementation, for her patients at PearlMD Rejuvenation. “For all of us across the age spectrum, the concept of cellular energy is extraordinarily important,” she said, adding that NMN has a vast array of benefits including heart, metabolic and cognitive health.  

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