Cardiovascular Health

ProHealth's Cardiovascular Health products are designed to address the age-related concerns that occur with heart health including supporting decreasing levels of certain nutrients, such as CoQ-10, reducing inflammation and maintaining healthy heart-health blood markers.

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Heart Health Supplements

Over the years, there has been a large amount of research about cardiovascular health. We have learned a lot about how lifestyle factors can affect arterial health as well as how stress can contribute to heart disease and other common cardiovascular conditions. For individuals who have a family history of heart trouble, cardiac health is of the utmost importance. One lifestyle change you can make to protect your heart and lower your risk of disease is as easy as supplementation. From powerful omega-3 fatty acids to nutrients that support healthy cholesterol levels, natural ingredients and preventative remedies are bountiful.

Some would argue that the heart is the most important organ in the human body. Not only does it pump blood, but it also supplies oxygen as well as nutrients to our tissues and removes metabolic waste. Unlike us, our hearts don't take breaks. They work around the clock to ensure that we perform well under stress, intense workouts, and daily activities. If you would like to live a long and full life, caring for your cardiovascular system is critically important. That's precisely why we offer a wide variety of supplements for heart health that contain natural ingredients you can feel good about adding to your daily regimen.

We also carry several methods of administration, so you can find the perfect complement to your everyday wellness routine. In addition to capsules, soft gels, and tablets, we also offer herbal tinctures, liquid formulas, and other products that have been held to high standards. If you have any questions about our selection of supplements for heart health, simply call or email us today to speak with a friendly representative.