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Why You Need Fisetin

Why You Need Fisetin

ProHealth Longevity’s Pure Fisetin is a powerful flavonoid that helps remove “zombie cells” from the body.  

What is Fisetin?

Fisetin is a type of flavonoid that provides powerful antioxidant properties. It's found in a variety of plants with some of the richest sources found in smoke tree, strawberries, apples, grapes, and onions. 

Why You Need Fisetin 

As you age, dysfunctional cells known as senescent cells accumulate in the body. These senescent cells resist the body’s natural removal process, and negatively affect healthy cells around them, causing them to become senescent as well. Senescent cells, often referred to zombie cells, contribute to accelerated aging and a decline in cognitive, cardiovascular, joint, and skin health.

Fisetin has been shown to be one of the most effective natural compounds that assist in the removal of senescent cells from the body. For this reason, fisetin is quickly becoming one of the most important supplements of any longevity-promoting protocol. 

ProHealth’s Pure Fisetin: What’s Inside Matters 

A pure formulation using the highest-quality Fisetin 

  • Unique Formulation. Pure Fisetin includes only fisetin as the active ingredient, making it the right choice for a targeted senolytic protocol. Our formula is a high-potency, high-purity 98% extraction so you can get the maximum benefit without excess quantities of other compounds. 
  • Supported for Daily or Periodic Use. Compared to other fisetin products that are intended to be used 1-2 times per week, our formula is safe enough to be used daily. It can also be pulsed periodically in higher doses. 

Benefits of Fisetin 

Research supports the use of fisetin to tackle numerous aspects of health over the age of 40 to help you live a longer, better life.  

Supports Longevity. By aiding in the removal of senescent cells from the body, fisetin has been shown to extend lifespan in animal studies.3 Fisetin may also support healthy NAD+ levels by mediating inflammatory signals in the body that cause accelerated decline of NAD+.

Provides Antioxidant Benefits. The aging process and risk of age-related health issues can be accelerated by free radicals. Antioxidants are a way to help curb free-radical activity. Fisetin’s antioxidant properties have been proven to fight free-radical damage, tackle oxidative stress, reduce signs of premature aging and reduce the risk of age-related health concerns.

Neuroprotective Effects. With aging comes symptoms of brain decline such as impaired memory. Research shows that the antioxidant effects of fisetin reduce oxidative stress, neurotoxicity, neuro-inflammation, and neurological disorders. Additional research shows fisetin enhances long-term memory and may be helpful in the management of memory disorders. 

Cardiovascular Protection. Aging can cause changes to heart function. In fact, adults over the age of 65 are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular events compared to younger people. Research suggests fisetin may help reduce oxidative-stress-related death to cardiac cells, protecting heart cells from damage. 

Joint Health. Fisetin has been shown to reduce inflammatory markers related to joint degeneration by activating SIRT 1. SIRT 1 is referred to as the “longevity gene” because it has been shown to extend lifespan in a variety of different animal species when activated. 

Supports Skin Health. Due to its antioxidant properties and ability to aid in the removal of senescent cells from the body, fisetin helps protect the skin from UV-induced wrinkles and erythema (skin redness). 

fisetin Supports Skin Health.

The ProHealth Advantage 

Research-Supported Products. Every ingredient is added in a dose that’s supported by clinical research. 

Quality-Manufacturing Practices. USA, FDA-registered, GMP-certified manufacturing facilities and practices for all products. 

Third-Party Tested. Third-party testing in the USA to ensure purity and potency. Certificates of Analysis are available on our website. 

A+ Better Business Bureau. 35-year-trusted reputation for excellence. We guarantee the highest quality, purity and potency of every product we offer. 

75-Day Money Back Guarantee. Try our products for 75 days, and if you’re unsatisfied, return for a 100% full refund. 

Nutrition Advisors. We offer free nutrition services from experienced experts so you can receive the personalized support and recommendations you deserve. Click here to get started. 

Reviewed by: Heather L. Makar  


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