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ProHealth Founder
Rich Carson

The story of ProHealth is the story of our founder, Rich Carson

His story begins as a bright, energetic young man on the verge of a promising future. Looking like the true picture of health in his high school yearbook, Rich was a long distance runner who favored his health science courses, like chemistry and biology.

He graduated college with four years of biology and pre-med classes as well as a degree in communications.

Then he immediately landed work that provided him with great sales experience and opportunities for advancement. 

An Unexpected Detour

Rich was on pace for an exciting and lucrative future when he suddenly hit a roadblock. His planned career path was permanently detoured when he awoke one Fall morning in 1981 to find his body ached all over, as if he’d been in a tragic automobile accident. Feeling bruised and battered, he toughed it out for a few weeks. But instead of improving, his health continued to decline. Deciding it must be some virulent form of the flu, he went to his doctor for tests and throat cultures. “Normal” test results completely baffled Rich and his doctor since they didn’t match his physical experience. He had felt fine one day, and the next was down for the count. How could it be?

Inconclusive test results left him feeling more frustrated and exhausted than ever. The acute onset of his condition defied logic. Helpless to stop it, he watched his athletic and active lifestyle slip away into a pattern of simply getting through each day. Eventually, he had to relinquish the financial security of the job that he loved and move in with his parents so he could receive the full-time care that his disabled state required. Years later Rich would be diagnosed with ME/CFS (aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), now recognized as one of the most devastating and disabling diseases known to man.

Searching for Answers

Rich switched gears from being independent and earning a healthy living to spending 100% of his time in pursuit of finding healing solutions. He spent much of that time gleaning details from infectious disease researchers and doctors – looking for their insights on health restoration protocols. He sought pharmacological, nutritional, and supplemental remedies but met with limited success.

By 1986, Rich found that more of his day was spent on the phone than on any one thing. He tenaciously documented his calls and tracked treatment options given by doctors, researchers, and various health-related organizations. Like a trail of crumbs, each contact pointed toward another opportunity for exploration. Rich states, “I became obsessed with understanding what was trying to destroy my life.” 

The Birth of a Company - and Hope

Over the next couple of years, his research led him to try a variety of nutritional supplements and even formulate some of his own. He found several that seemed to be helping him. While they didn't cure the ME/CFS, they did help his body regain some of the health and vitality he had lost. And more importantly, they gave him hope for the future. Not content to just experience his own personal improvement, Rich wanted to share what he had learned with other patients. And so in 1988, ProHealth was born.

From the very beginning, Rich insisted that he would only offer the purest, highest quality supplements available. As a result, ProHealth soon became one of the most trusted brands in the supplement industry. In fact, ProHealth is currently celebrating 34 consecutive years as a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company.

More Than Just a Supplement Company

From the beginning, ProHealth’s motto has been “Commerce with Compassion.” Rich was determined to do more for patients than just make high quality supplements available. He also wanted to help raise money for research, and provide patients with all of the latest information about research and treatment options so they could make educated choices regarding their diseases.

ProHealth is proud of its accomplishments on behalf of patients, including:

  • For three decades ProHealth served as the world's largest online resource center for ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and Lyme disease.

  • We built an online library of more than 30,000 articles that kept patients informed and up-to-date on the latest research and treatment news from around the world. Due to FDA regulations, many of those articles are being donated to appropriate nonprofit organizations.

  • We currently have more than 110,000 email subscribers for our Wellness and Longevity newsletters.

  • We've garnered more than 600,000 likes on our Facebook pages.

  • ProHealth has donated almost $5,000,000 for medical research and patient advocacy for ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease.

Rich's Health Care Philosophy

The ProHealth team has always been inspired and motivated by Rich's own personal philosophy. He says,

"My personal philosophy about health care is that our illness doesn't define us, we define it. Lifestyle, diet, physical movement, and nutritional supplement support give us strength to endure. I don't think of it as treating my disease, I think of it as supporting my body's health so that it can fight the disease itself."