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Letter From the ProHealth CEO

Letter From the ProHealth CEO

ProHealth Longevity

December 2, 2022

Dear ProHealth Friends & Customers,

Rich Carson created ProHealth 35 years ago out of necessity.

One night in 1988 he went to sleep to the sound of waves crashing on the pier in Santa Barbara, CA, filled with the hope and contentment of an open-hearted 30 year-old stockbroker with a clear vision for his future and an unwavering certainty that tomorrow will always be better.

This tomorrow wasn't better though- crushing fatigue, pain, inability to focus, but with no reason at all. Fortunately, most of us have not had to endure the decades long, unrelenting torture that Rich and other ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia sufferers call normal. I wasn’t there in ‘88, but I know Rich well enough to know how it happened. Rich got sick and never got better. After a period of waiting for something to happen, he quickly decided that he’d solve the intractable medical mystery that he, and it turns out thousands of other people, were living.

As an eternally curious person, and natural human connector he called every friend and friend of a friend and charmed each one of them. Ultimately, in an example of concurrent good and bad luck he realized this was both a bigger problem in terms of complexity and prevalence. In a world before social media, he knew that networking the minds and hearts of the whole patient community was the key to compounding scientific breakthroughs. He also knew it was the key to maintaining the strength to put one foot in front of the other for thousands of days in a row without a cure.

Thus, the ProHealth newsletter and community were born.

Even though he lost a big part of himself to ME/CFS, another part was awakened. There’s nothing wrong with trading stocks, but Rich wasn’t born a stockbroker. He’s on this planet to help people feel better- it doesn’t matter if it’s the "1-800" airline ticketing call center operator, a neurosurgeon, or the person behind the counter at the local taco stand. Rich has never met a stranger.

From the beginning, ProHealth was part dissemination of breaking news and part community building. With 500k Facebook fans and 5MM forum messages ProHealth created the largest and most vibrant online ME/CFS community in the world. For 30+ years ProHealth delivered on its mission of helping people feel better with empowering and educational content, a vibrant community, and eventually nutritional supplements formulated specifically for the underserved ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia communities. Rich and ProHealth even launched the name change initiative that successfully changed "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" to the more serious and appropriate "ME/CFS."

Fast forward 30+ years from that night in 1988.  Rich entered his 60’s, still with no cures for ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia. So his mission evolved- live long enough to see a cure, then help everyone else reach the cure. ProHealth launched our first longevity supplement 5 years ago, and nobody could have imagined what the next 5 years held in store. Longevity research funding exploded, promising double-digit gains in life expectancy and healthspan in our lifetimes. Many clinical studies have been published showing the safety and efficacy of longevity supplements that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Also, all of us lived through a once in a century pandemic. Interestingly, this pandemic can trigger ME/CFS and has increased funding for ME/CFS research exponentially as well.

After 35 years of helping people live better lives through nutrition, education, and community, ProHealth is reborn again.

We’ve been busy all year quietly working behind the scenes but starting last night we’ve gone all in on longevity. Last night, the ProHealth.com website that’s been live for decades was replaced by our longevity website formerly hosted on ProHealthLongevity.com. If you’re a ProHealthLongevity.com customer, you’ll notice that the domain is now forwarded to ProHealth.com. Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll see many changes to ProHealth.com. In about a month we’ll release our new website with a completely new look, improved usability, and exciting new features and functionality.

Our cutting-edge online technology will create a new, personalized experience for you every time you visit prohealth.com- videos and articles about the topics you care about, special deals on the products that you want to try and, and real-time access to a team of nutrition experts.

Earlier this week, we launched our free Online Nutrition Advisor Program. Expert supplement advice from our highly trained Nutrition Advisor, Joe Condora, is now just a text away. Joe has a decade of supplement consultation experience, a B.S. in Nutrition and is weeks away from receiving his Master’s in Nutrition. He’s available M - F 8am - 6pm ET on the ProHealth home page – click the red button and give the program a try.

Joe is part of our highly trained 8-person Nutrition Team that includes a Neuroscientist, an MD/ PhD that runs one of the top longevity clinics in Tokyo, a research writer with a Nutrition PhD, several Registered Dietitians with Master’s degrees in Nutrition, and several Nutritionists with B.S.’s in Nutrition. They’ll be creating content, building relationships, advising customers, and creating the world’s best longevity supplements. I can’t wait to introduce you to all of them soon.

I also can’t wait to introduce you to a whole new generation of longevity supplements.

A few weeks ago we launched the world’s first Longevity Collagen, formulated exclusively for people 40+. Click here to read our reviews on Amazon (4.9 out of 5 stars). In a few weeks we’re going to launch the world’s most powerful liposomal NMN- Pure Uthever NMN, encapsulated in liposomes using a brand-new proprietary technology that enhances the bioavailability more than any other liposomal NMN on the market!

Following that will be a steady stream of the highest quality, most innovative longevity supplements on the market- 500mg of pure Apigenin from chamomile, plus 500mg of organic, whole food parsley from Germany for performance enhancing cofactors, and bioenhancers for optimal absorption, an NAD+ booster that doubles the efficacy of NMN or NR, one of the most innovative CD38 Inhibitors, a game changing Sirtuin Activator/ AMPK Activator, an Autophagy/ Mitophagy Formula like you’ve never seen, a Prebiotic/ Postbiotic/ Probiotic/ Leaky Gut/ Fiber powder, Ergothioneine, Sucrosomial Minerals, Polydatin, and a brand new NAD+ precursor that we can’t even talk about. Not to mention, literally over 100 more ingredients in the final research and sourcing stages.

Fun facts: on average we source each ingredient from over 6 suppliers before we find the right source, and we spend close to $100k/ year on 3rd party lab safety and purity tests. We 3rd party test each source of each ingredient, then our manufacturers are required to test each ingredient again prior to production, and after all of that, the final product is tested and the results are posted online before being released for sale.

This has been an incredibly exciting year, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I get to spend with the ProHealth team. The ProHealth of the future has just one mission- help people live better and longer lives, and I can’t wait to show you how. Please reach out and say hi. I’d love to hear your story and learn how we can serve you better.

A few notes:

Watch out for an email with a survey in the next few days that will help us understand your needs and wants so that we can create the products and content that you want. I’ll also include an opportunity to tell us your story that we’ll feature in our marketing and advertising.

Also, keep your eyes out for an email with an update about the FDA NMN situation.

Dan Obegi
Dan Obegi

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