Amino Acid, Protein Combo Shows Promise in Type II Diabetes

Posted on: 03/19/2003

MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands–A mixture of amino acids and protein appeared to enhance insulin response nearly three-fold in Type II diabetics, according to research published in the March edition of Diabetes Care (26:625-30, 2003) (

Researchers from Maastricht University in The Netherlands compared 10 Type II diabetics with 10 healthy control subjects, both groups receiving just carbohydrates on one occasion and then carbohydrates with a free amino acid/protein mixture on a later occasion. (The mixture contained free leucine, phenylalanine and a protein hydrolysate).

Insulin responses were dramatically increased during amino acid/protein supplementation in both control and diabetic patients compared to the occasion when only carbohydrates were ingested. Researchers concluded further research should be conducted to investigate whether similar nutritional interventions can improve postprandial glucose disposal.

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