ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center Update from Ron Davis, PhD

From Open Medicine Foundation

We are happy to share a video research update from Dr. Ron Davis about the ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford funded by OMF!

This is the first of a 3-part series; the next two will feature Drs. Mike Snyder and Mark Davis of Stanford University. They talk about the latest and most promising results from their teams, why they are excited to be in the field, what they will do in 2018 with the funding OMF has provided, and how all of this research could lead to new treatments for ME/CFS! Stay tuned.

In this video, Ron Davis discusses the latest results in developing new diagnostic technology for ME/CFS with the nanoneedle biosensor invented at the Stanford Genome Technology Center. He also talks about new findings from the Severely Ill Big Data study. For more details, watch the video on our website.

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One thought on “ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center Update from Ron Davis, PhD”

  1. beatcfids says:

    Great job Ron and team!! I have had cfids since 1987. I haven’t created a clear mental thought since. Please keep up the good work for all of us. It amazes me that the NFL can put $1 billion into concussion studies yet CFS get’s no funding. Is there any way I can donate my blood for testing?

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