New ME/CFS Study at Stanford: Dr. Montoya to test for scores of Infections

Initially posted on the ME/CFS Warrior Blog on June 2, 2010, within a few days the Stanford study announcement attached below attracted so many inquiries that the coordinators were overwhelmed, and stated it would take them quite some time to respond to calls. They added that the study would require participants to come to their Bay Area lab to give blood samples, and later patient reports indicated participation was ultimately limited to residents of California. Reflecting the continuing flow of patient inquiries, ProHealth deleted the contact phone number included in the original post.

[Ed Note: The following announcement of a trial by Stanford professor Jose Montoya takes on added significance in light of emerging XMRV research; the WPI’s diagnostic XMRV test due out July 1; and the recent paper by Michigan-based Dr. A Martin Lerner, et al., reporting great improvements (“returned to near-normal”), achieved with 6 months or more of anti-viral treatment, for a subset of ME/CFS patients with herpesvirus infections only – Epstein-Barr (EBV), HHV6, and/or cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Other patient subsets in the Lerner study whose blood tests had identified herpesvirus(es) plus “co-infection” with other viruses did not respond as positively. Those with EBV received Valtrex® (valacyclovir), and those with HHV6 or CMV took Valcyte® (valganciclovir). For details, see “Subset-directed antiviral treatment of 142 herpesvirus patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.”]

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Stanford Research Study on Chronic Fatigue [Syndrome] – Free Extensive Blood Tests! (Share)

Dr. Montoya at Stanford is doing the most extensive research project on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that I believe has ever been done.

Anyone can volunteer for this study if they have chronic fatigue (more than 6 months) and have not taken antivirals or antibiotics within 1 month of blood test (and don’t have chronic fatigue from cancer).

The best part is that everyone that volunteers gets free blood tests and results.

The testing is very extensive and includes some 60 different tests (viral, bacterial, etc.). They are still in the process of finalizing the list of tests but so far they have told me they’re testing for:
several strains of Lyme Disease
Chlamydia Pneumoniae
Babesiosis (several strains)
Bartonella (several strains)
…and much more!!

I hope you can already see how extensive this testing is going to be. By the way, having Lyme Disease does not disqualify you!

This is a very large study and will be going on for at least four more months.

[The study coordinator] will go over all your questions and will ask you a few to make sure you’re qualified for the study.

Although this study is being done in the California Bay Area, anyone qualified is welcome to participate in this groundbreaking study. [Again, participants are required to come to Stanford to provide the blood samples used in the study, and reportedly participation was ultimately limited to patients in California.]

It will take 6 to 12 months to get your test results, depending on how long they keep the study open.

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