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Ozone Sauna Therapy for Lyme Disease

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Reprinted from with the kind permission of Lisa. To read the original article, click here. 

First and foremost, let me tell you what you will read on the internet about the Ozone Sauna versus what you will actually experience it when using it.  If you google Ozone Sauna Therapy you will probably pull up a few websites that tell you to avoid this type of therapy because it is ‘dangerous’ and only for ‘quacks.’  Mind you ‘debunking’ websites like this are bought and paid for by pharmaceutical corporations (among others) that try and suppress any alternative form of medicine that actually works.  Why?  Because if people find out about an affordable form of treatment, it might cut into their profits!!!  Here is a link if you would like to read more about the FDA trying to suppress Ozone Therapy:
Ok, so that’s a whole other topic.  So back to the topic at hand….
Should you be afraid to do ozone therapy?  Absolutely not.  One of the largest studies with I think close to 100,000 people was conducted and it proved to be very beneficial in decreasing and sometimes eliminating a multitude of symptoms.  I think out of the 100,000 people, only a couple were injured due to not using the machine properly.
My personal experience with the ozone sauna is that it is not the cure to Lyme.  It has merely helped me manage symptoms.  For one, if you are doing an IV, it will literally kill anything and everything in your blood.  However, it is only temporary. In addition, it does not exactly reach all of your organs and tissues. If I think I am coming down with something like a nasty cold, or maybe my mycoplasma pneumoniae is acting up, I will ozone for it and it always helps.  Same with when I have a candida, interstitial cystitis, or pelvic inflammatory disease flare up.  I ozone a few times, and knock it out. When I notice that my arthritis is starting to act up in one of my fingers, I do a quick ozone session, and boom, it’s back to feeling fine again.   I also use it a day or two after I have rifed in order to help my body eliminate all of the mycotoxins, biotoxins, and ammonia that result from killing pathogens.  So in a nutshell, ozoning will help decrease that awful feeling (herx as we call it) we all experience when after killing pathogens.  This is just how I use it though. There are sooooo many different ways that this machine can be used.
Plasma Fire Ozone Sauna: If you are reading anyone and everyones blogs trying to figure out which ozone saunas are actually legit, I am sure you keep coming across the Plasma Fire models.  I originally heard about Ozone Therapy through an acquaintance who has Lyme Disease and swears by his Plasma Fire Ozone Sauna.  He purchased his probably 8 years ago, and still uses it 3 to 4 times a week.  He purchased his for around 8K back in the day.   I am pretty sure that Saul (the owner) does not sell them through the website anymore.  He sells through ‘brokers.’ So if you are looking for one, I would try to find an Ozone Therapy facility in your area that has a direct relationship with Saul. Despite what you read (and despite the FDA’s scare tactics) this is a safe form of therapy. They do not make the sauna cabinet anymore, so you will only be able to buy the generator which comes with all of the necessary accessories.  I’ve heard that ozone through an IV is the most effective form of ozone therapy.  Second, is using the ozone sauna.  If you go the ozone sauna route, you would need to find an ozone tent (around $300) or purchase a cabinet from somewhere like Longevity. However, because I am chemically sensitive and found the chemicals in some of these cabinets to be obnoxious, I ended up only purchasing the generator.  You can actually save a lot of money by just purchasing the generator ($3400) and doing anal and vaginal insufflation.  It will not works as well as the IV, but it is nonetheless beneficial.
Longevity Ozone Sauna:
  My doctor said that Longevity is right on par with plasma fire.  The ozone sauna, generator, and tank will ruin you 7K.  However, they have the Gold and Emerald models that will work just as well as the top model that run closer to $5300.  However, I do not recommend the Silver model for Lyme patients because the Ozone output is too low.
Steam Sauna Pro Cabinet –  A lot cheaper than the Longevity ($2700) and made in the U.S.  I am still trying to confirm that this is made properly and actually works. In addition, I need to do some research to see if Wellness Centers in the United States are actually using this to treat Lyme.  You really have to research this because some wellness centers and spas will use an ozone sauna for things like skin rejuvenation. Again, if you know something about this that I am missing, please share!
–  I would have to do more research on it, so I cannot comment on it at this time.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (11 votes, average: 3.55 out of 5)

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