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Dr. Judy Mikovits arrested Friday, Nov 18 (Nov 30 update)

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On Friday, Nov 18, Dr. Judy Mikovits was arrested in Ventura County, CA (her home) and taken to the Ventura County Jail. Apparently as a result of a decision by authorities pursuant to a report by the Whittemore Peterson Institute that a crime had been committed.

The charge? “Felony; Fugitive from Justice,” in another state (Nevada) according to sources including Osler’s Web author and blogger Hillary Johnson (http://www.oslersweb.com/blog.htm), who has reviewed information about Mikovits’ case on the Ventura County Jail website.

Judy was to be held without bail at Ventura County’s Todd Road Jail in Santa Paula until Tuesday, Nov 22 at 1:30 pm, when she would have a hearing before the Ventura County Superior Court. As it happens, that was the time Dr. Mikovits and her attorneys had been scheduled to appear at a hearing in Reno (“Whittemore Peterson Institute vs. Judy Mikovits”).

UPDATES: Dr. Mikovits appeared before the Ventura County Superior Court on Tuesday, November 22 regarding allegations “that she wrongfully removed notebooks and other proprietary information” from the site of the Reno, Nevada-based Whittemore Peterson Institute, her former employer. See for example the Reno Gazette Journal article, “Reno Chronic Disease Researcher Behind Bars.”

Dr. Mikovits’ husband, David, asked early Tuesday that angry advocates “hold off on their criticism of the WPI for the sake of Dr. Mikovits and the negotiations in progress.”

Meanwhile, Cort Johnson posted a report on Phoenix Rising, describing the alleged removal of the materials by WPI lab researcher Max Pfost (see “Researcher Confesses: Implicates Dr. Mikovits in Theft of Materials from WPI”).

A pdf of Max Pfost’s Affidavit alleging that Dr. Mikovits’ directed him to remove the materials is at http://www.wpinstitute.org/docs/Exh1-ReplyISOMotionforPreliminaryInjunction.pdf

Science magazine’s online ScienceInsider posted the following late Tuesday night: “Inmate Mikovits Meets Judge.”

Dr. Mikovits was released on bail late Tuesday and is scheduled to appear before a judge of the Ventura County Superior Court on Monday, Dec. 19 at 1:30 PM Pacific Time (Court Room #13, 800 S. Victoria Ave, Ventura).

Notebooks reportedly returned. On Tuesday, Nov 29, a press release reported on the Silicon Valley’s MercuryNews.com site stated, “The director of a Nevada research institute in a legal battle with a top scientist studying chronic fatigue syndrome says missing research notebooks at the center of the dispute have been returned and a civil lawsuit may soon be settled.” If the 18 notebooks reportedly returned to WPI are all there were, Annette Whittemore allegedly said they would consider dropping the civil suit (as opposed to the criminal suit). See “Missing notes returned in Reno research lawsuit.”

However, the MercuryNews statement was not correct in suggesting the WPI may dismiss the civil suit, according to a Science magazine report, also posted Nov 29, which quotes an alleged statement by WPI President Annette Whittemore to the effect that “The damage to the Whittemore Peterson Institute is substantial and recent news coverage indicating that WPI may dismiss its civil case against Dr. Judy Mikovits is incorrect.”

Dr. Mikovits had turned self in to NV authorities Nov 29 & was released. Later on Tuesday, Nov 29, News 4 Reno reported that Dr. Mikovits, had turned herself in to UNV-Reno police on Monday (the WPI is located on the University of Nevada-Reno campus) and was taken into custody by Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputies, and then released the same day. Dr. Mikovits’ attorney, Scott Freeman, reportedly corrected this statement on Nov 30, suggesting she had in fact turned herself in to the Washoe County authorities.

By presenting herself to the Nevada authorities, Dr. Mikovits waived the extradition hearing that had been set for December 19 in Ventura, CA, where she lives.

Reportedly, “authorities” believed they had recovered all the materials that WPI alleged were wrongfully removed from their facility. To read the News 4 report & view the associated video see “Judy Mikovits Turns Herself In.”

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Judy Mikovits arrested Friday, Nov 18 (Nov 30 update)”

  1. simpsons says:

    i have always supported wpi because of judy, i believe her to to a brilliant scientist. the road to hiv and aids research was also filled with scientists disputes. only time will tell.

    i would never have supported the wpi to the extent that i did if it were not for judy. in fact i don t know that i would have supported them at all if not for judy

    a company should be better organised than to allow this situation to occur in the first place.

    it does our community no good at all to make such details public. it is very negative publicity for ME research

    i feel i would if i were qualified never want to work with the wpi if this is how they treat star researchers. therefore i feel that this is not in the best interests of wpi either

    i was hoping for the research and treatment centers that were promised in the early days which we have never seen.

    what is done is done now however i do not feel that dragging this through the mud in this way is dignified nor in anyones best interests

    1. APenNameAndt says:

      She WOULD have been a star, if her findings were replicated. As for your support: go your hardest if it makes you feel better.

    2. jbclem says:

      Dr. Mikovits, who has done so much for our cause, is languishing in jail on what may be a trumped up felony charge. Dr. Deckoff-Jones, on her blog, has said she’s coming into town for the hearing Tuesday, and has asked that others attend to show their support. Here’s the information about the hearing:

      A hearing for Dr. Mikovits will take place on Tuesday, November 22 at the Ventura County Government Center, Hall of Justice, Room 13, at 1:30 p.m. The government center is on Victoria Avenue in East Ventura.

      County of Ventura Government Center
      800 S. Victoria Avenue
      Ventura, California 93009

      Parking for the Hall of Justice is accessible from Lots B & C, entering from Victoria Avenue, and from lots E & F, entering from Hill Road.

      Ventura is not too far from Santa Barbara or Los Angeles. We should stand behind those who help us, especially if they are being unfairly attacked, as seems to be the case here. I’m trying to find a way to get there, and I hope others will also.


    3. gandyr2.1@juno.com says:

      Seems that vaccines were the cause of the CFS/ME crisis. Research Dr. Maurice Brodie and how his messing around with mouse brains opened a Pandora’s box of chronic illness. Please read her book “Plague” and see for yourself why those in power debunk her findings.

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