Poly MVA: A Novel Therapy for Increasing Energy, Repairing DNA, and Promoting Overall Health

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By Lindsay Christensen

For those of us who have struggled with chronic fatigue and illness, the search for substances that might help us regain our energy and vitality may seem never-ending. Many of us have tried countless supplements and treatments, with maybe a few “hits” here and there, but often quite a few “misses.” In my own journey with Lyme disease and chronic fatigue, I have often struggled in trying to find natural treatments to help improve my energy level. However, when I learned about a supplement called Poly MVA a few months ago, and had the chance to experience its amazing effects, I knew I had found a definite “hit” in terms of an energy-promoting supplement!

Poly MVA is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that supports cellular energy production, exerts antioxidant effects, and replaces nutrients that may have become depleted in the body due to chronic illness or certain health therapies. Two of the key ingredients in Poly MVA (also referred to as Palladium Alpha-lipoic acid Complex) are palladium, which is a mineral, and Alpha-lipoic acid, which is an antioxidant that is found in every cell of the body and is required for helping the body turn food into energy, as well as for combatting free-radical damage (Alpha-lipoic acid, 2014).

In scientific studies, Poly MVA has demonstrated a numerous fascinating health-promoting effects. In animal studies, Poly MVA has been found to elevate mitochondrial energy status in the brain. It accomplishes this by providing cofactors (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) for enzymes that are needed to produce ATP (Ajith, Nima, Veena, Janardhanan, Antonawich, 2014). ATP is essentially the energy “currency” of our cells, and is needed to drive countless metabolic reactions. ATP is produced in the mitochondria, which are in turn located within our cells. Mitochondria act as energy factories. By providing the ingredients needed to fuel mitochondria and produce ATP, Poly MVA may have great implications for helping to reverse cellular energy deficits, and thus improve energy status throughout the body.

Poly MVA has also been shown to assist in DNA repair in response to injurious agents such as gamma-radiation (Menon, Krishnan, Nair, 2009). In day-to-day life, gamma-radiation is encountered in the form of radiation treatment for cancer. Gamma-radiation is also produced by nuclear reactors that create nuclear energy. Unfortunately, many of us are exposed to detrimental radiation more often than we might realize, and a natural product that can help us repair that damage could be very beneficial.

In addition to its ability to increase ATP production and repair DNA, Poly MVA may also help alleviate hyperglycemia, and thus be helpful for diabetics and people who struggle with blood sugar control. In addition to lowering blood sugar levels, Poly MVA simultaneously restores antioxidant levels; antioxidant depletion is a phenomenon that occurs in conjunction with hyperglycemia because hyperglycemia creates free radicals, so a substance that can target both problems at once is certainly valuable (Sudheesh, Janardhanan, Krishnan, 2011).

Finally, Poly MVA increases levels of antioxidant enzymes in the body, especially in the liver. In a study in which rats were exposed to gamma-radiation, and experienced a subsequent decrease in antioxidant levels within hepatic (liver) cells, administration of Poly MVA led to a restoration of antioxidant enzyme levels.

The particular antioxidant enzymes that were measured included Glutathione, Catalase, and Superoxide Dismutase. An increase in these specific antioxidant enzymes can improve liver function (El-Marakby, Selim, Desouky, Ashry, Sallam, 2013). By improving liver function, we can also help fortify our bodies against bodily stresses, including chronic infections. I’m sure all of our livers could use a little TLC, and Poly MVA can help us out in that regard!

In terms of administration, Poly MVA can be taken into the body either through an IV or orally as a liquid supplement. I have personally received a Poly MVA IV twice, and responded quite well to it. However, it can be difficult to find practitioners who offer Poly MVA IVs, so an oral supplement may be a more convenient and affordable solution.

Poly MVA clearly offers a lot of promise in terms of health benefits for people who may be dealing with chronic illness. It certainly has helped me in my process of recovering from Lyme disease. For anyone who feels that they have exhausted their options when it comes to finding solutions for fatigue, but also for people who want to fortify their bodies and promote optimal health, Poly MVA may be a wonderful addition to your health protocol!


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About the author: Lindsay has her Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Science, with an Emphasis in Nutrition, from National University of Health Sciences. When she is not studying nutrition or researching and writing, Lindsay enjoys working out, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and having adventures outdoors. She is also quite passionate about her camera and taking nature photography. You can read more about Lindsay’s Lyme disease experience, as well read all her latest thoughts and research on health, by visiting her blog, Rock On Nutrition, athttps://rockonnutrition.me/

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (10 votes, average: 4.30 out of 5)

2 thoughts on “Poly MVA: A Novel Therapy for Increasing Energy, Repairing DNA, and Promoting Overall Health”

  1. isabelsunshine says:

    Help!!This cannot really be true. Palladium , one of the most poisonous metals with bad consequences for the whole body ,(killing enzymes,nerves,hypophysis,hormone-dependant organs,intestines)should be taken to promote health????? Please read the follwing article (in German, if you cannot translate, I´ll do it, let me know!!)

    Amalgam ist ein Metallgemisch, das zum größten Teil aus Quecksilber (chemisches Zeichen Hg) besteht.

    Palladium (Pd) wird Zahngold zugesetzt, um einerseits die Festigkeit der Legierung zu erhöhen – reines Gold ist viel zu weich, um den großen Kräften beim Beißen und Kauen standzuhalten. Andererseits findet es sich im sogenannten “Spar- oder Billiggold” wieder. Durch hohe Palladiumanteile von bis zu 50% ist eine solche Legierung viel günstiger als eine palladiumfreie Hochgoldlegierung.

    Hochgiftige Stoffe
    Beide Stoffe sind für den menschlichen Organismus hochgiftig. Sie wirken als Zellgifte auf Eiweiße, welche die Bausteine von Enzymen sind. Enzyme ermöglichen erst die ganzen chemischen Reaktionen in unserem Stoffwechsel. Anders ausgedrückt: ohne Enzyme ist Leben nicht möglich!

    Diese Enzym hemmende Wirkung erklärt die vielfältigen Vergiftungssymptome durch die beiden Nichtedelmetalle.

    Schlimme Folgen für das Gehirn
    Hg und Pd haben aufgrund ihrer Fettlöslichkeit eine hohe Affinität zum Nervensystem. Besonders folgenschwer ist verständlicherweise deren Anreicherung im Gehirn. Dort ist vor allem die Hypophyse betroffen, da sie am stärksten durchblutet wird. Die Hypophyse (Hirnanhangsdrüse) ist unter anderem die zentrale Steuerungseinheit aller Hormonregelkreise. Folge einer solchen Störung sind Hormonveränderungen verschiedener Organsysteme: Schilddrüse, Sexualhormone, Cortison (Allergien!), und viele andere.

    Negative Auswirkungen auf den Darm
    Quecksilber und Palladium wirken bakterizid (bakterienabtötend). Blöderweise richtet sich diese Wirkung auch gegen unsere “guten” Darmbakterien. Die Folge ist eine Ansiedlung von Fäulnisbakterien und Pilzen im Darm.

  2. GaleHawkins says:


    Isabel I am not sure what your point is since I do not read German but I gather you have no personal experience with or know about Poly MVA that humans have been using as a supplement for the past 25 years around the world. The link above is not about the product Poly Minerals Vitamins Antioxidants but just about of palladium by humans. Google will find you hours of reading about Poly MVA.

    While new to Poly MVA myself I sense it is helping build up my immune system that I wrecked over the past 40 years. Read about it so your posts are more factual about Poly MVA. It is helping reduce my arthritis pain a bit more but getting off of sugar and all forums of all grains did the most to manage my pain and there was no cost in stopping the sugar and grains. Poly MVA is far from free.

    There is no way that I would say Poly MVA was a must take supplement and there is much info so all at surf can make up their own mind where to try it or not for any health concerns.

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