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Lozenges allow you to easily dissolve NMN under your tongue, for fast absorption.

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Help your body get the support it needs for greater wellness by incorporating the supplement NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) into your lifestyle. A derivative of the B-vitamin niacin, NMN is known for its potential to counteract the signs of aging and encourage overall vitality. Many people buy NMN lozenges because this form increases the overall bioavailability of NMN. Since you can consume NMN lozenges by simply sucking on them, you’re actually getting sublingual NMN. This means that the anti-aging lozenges are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the blood vessels in your mouth — bypassing the harsh environment of the digestive tract.

ProHealth Longevity is committed to giving people supplements that may improve their health and incorporate the finest raw materials. Our NMN lozenge supplements are American-made products, created in a state-of-the-art FDA-registered facility without any chemical solvents. Made with stabilized NMN, these bulk NMN lozenges will not degrade at room temperature. They are also specially created to offer maximum absorption, to aid various parameters of health.

What Does NMN Do? 

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) helps turn back the hands of time by supporting healthy cognitive function, energy production, and improved cell function. All of these factors combined help you feel and look younger. 

Does NMN Have Side Effects? 

One of the best things about anti-aging NMN lozenges is that the side effects are extremely minimal. In fact, most people experience no side effects at all. The only reported issues across many studies is a mild stomach ache. 

Can NMN Be Taken Orally? 

Absolutely, ProHealth NMN lozenges can be taken orally. There are plenty of other options as well including sublingual powder and tablets that are all taken orally. Consumption is simple and the benefits are felt quickly when NMN is taken sublingually. 

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