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Fibromyalgia Complementary And Alternative Therapies Articles

Learn which restorative yoga poses can ease fibromyalgia pain and stimulate lymphatic drainage.
10/15/19 Read More
12 weeks of CMP stimulation was associated with significant improvement in average FIQR scores.
01/17/19 Read More
Celeste Cooper shares information about the benefits of biofeedback.
12/10/18 Read More
This study concludes that exercise, multidisciplinary rehabilitation, acupuncture, CBT, and mind-...
11/21/18 Read More
Can acupuncture help relieve the pain of fibromyalgia? Cindy Leyland shares her experience with ...
11/20/18 Read More
EFT consists of identifying a physical pain, negative emotions like fear, guilt and anxiety, or a...
10/16/18 Read More
Lisa Adams finds that the effects of essential oils for managing pain and anxiety are INVALUABLE....
07/05/18 Read More