A controlled study on serum insulin-like growth factor-I & urinary excretion of growth hormone in fibromyalgia (FM)

OBJECTIVE. It has been hypothesized that secretory deficiencies of
growth hormone may play a pathophysiological role in
fibromyalgia (FM). Our objective was thus to evaluate the
secretion of growth hormone in FM.

METHODS. The 24-h urinary
growth hormone excretion and serum levels of insulin-like
growth factor-I (IGF-I) was measured in 17 middle aged women
with FM and 19 healthy women. The degree of subjective sleep
disturbance was also determined.

RESULTS. Sleep was
significantly more disturbed in the patients than the
controls. We found no significant differences in the urinary
excretion of growth hormone and serum levels of IGF-I between
patients with FM and healthy controls.

secretory deficiencies were not documented. However, the power
of our study does not allow us to discard the role of minor
secretory deficiencies of human growth hormone in FM.

Jacobsen S, Main K, Danneskiold-Samsoe B, Skakkebaek NE

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