Abnormal arginine-vasopressin secretion & water metabolism in patients with postviral fatigue syndrome

Water metabolism and the responses of the neurohypophysis to changes

in plasma osmolality during the water loading and water

deprivation tests were studied in nine patients with postviral

fatigue syndrome (PVFS) and eight age and six-matched healthy

control subjects. Secretion of arginine-vasopressin (AVP) was

erratic in these patients as shown by lack of correlation

between serum and urine osmolality and the corresponding

plasma AVP levels. Patients with PVFS had significantly low

baseline arginine-vasopressin levels when compared with

healthy subjects. Patients with PVFS as a group also showed

evidence of increased total body water content. These results

may be indicative of hypothalamic dysfunction in patients with


Bakheit AM, Behan PO, Watson WS, Morton JJ

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