Association between patient report of symptoms after mild head injury & neurobehavioural performance

Patients with closed-head injuries may have physical, affective,

behavioural and memory problems that persist for weeks, months

or years. Even patients with minor head trauma have been found

to exhibit deficits in neurobehavioural performance. However,

very little research has been done to examine the association

between patient symptoms after minor head injury and

neurobehavioural performance. The associations between five

sets of symptoms (memory problems, neurological problems,

confusion, neurasthenia and co-ordination) and five

neurobehavioural areas (simple motor speed, response speed and

attention, complex perceptual motor performance, visual

memory, and learning) were examined in a group of 32 adults

who had suffered mild to moderate head injury. Patients

reported their symptoms with a four-point rating scale.

Neurobehavioural functioning was assessed using computerized

tests. Memory difficulties were the problems most frequently

experienced by the patients and most closely associated with

performance deficits.

Arcia E, Gualtieri CT

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